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The post talks about the Hurdle Music Game Website and elaborates on other details.

The invention of Wordle by Josh Wardle, which he developed for his girlfriend, has turned into a craze among the audience. There is a myriad of variations and spin-offs developed for different crowd genres. However, who would not like to have a Wordle kind of puzzle based on their liking? Especially music? In this article, we will be discussing one such puzzle for music lovers that has turned viral worldwide from the United States, Australia, Canada to that the United Kingdom.

Thus, read to know more about the Hurdle Music Game Website.

An overview of Hurdle

To begin with, the website is originally named Heardle, which also has a keyword search with the word Hurdle. Herein, the game can be defined as a platform for all music lovers who are fond of exploring their expertise in music.

Thus, the Heardle or Hurdle as it is known to the game provides a platform for music lovers to guess the correct song based on the intro music. The gameplay is very similar to Wordle; there are not many differences except a few.

Furthermore, in the coming sections, we will be elaborating on the Hurdle Music Game Website and mentioning the game’s different features.

More details about Heardle

  • The game Heardle has a similar UX/ UI as that of Wordle.
  • However, the primary difference here is that the former is based on guessing the correct music.
  • As the title states, the players are provided intro music spanning 1 second and based on it, you need to guess what the song will be.
  • Besides, similar to Wordle, you get six attempts to make the right guess.
  • However, the game also provides just one puzzle every day, which is a similar world across.

Hurdle Music Game Website – How to Play

The game is very much similar to Wordle, but you do not need to guess any word here. Instead, the task is guessing the correct song. Here are a few quirks of playing the Heardle game and its gameplay.

You need to visit the official website of heardle on the internet

Now you will be presented intro music of 1 second

Besides, an additional quirk includes, every time you skip the chance or mention a wrong answer, the game will automatically provide you with more suggestions. Thus, on the Hurdle Music Game Website, you can listen to the music for 1 second to 16 seconds in the sixth attempt. On guessing the correct answer, you can also share it on social media.

Final Conclusion

The game is the ultimate stop for all music lovers. The music is based on those of the 90s and 2000s. Besides, players also can listen to the entire song after guessing either right or wrong. On the other hand, on making the correct guess, you can go on to share the answer on your social media website and share it with your friends.

Do you want to know more about the Hurdle Music Game Website? Then visit

Have you played the game? Then, do share your experience and feedback in the comments section below.

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