Taylor Hurt Car Accident {June} Explore Incident Details!

The cause of death of Chef Taylor Hurt was said to be the Taylor Hurt Car Accident. Read to find out more.

Who is Chef Taylor? She was a chef at Birdhouse Café, had passed away last year while shooting the show named Chopped. The show broadcasted on June 15, 2021 but the chef had passed away last year in 2020 only. The reason behind the death is now revealed to be a car accident and crash.

However, the specifics have been questioned by many in the United States. The Taylor Hurt Car Accident is now in news for past few days. The chef has also written her won recipes and published them in magazines and cookbooks.

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Who was Chef Taylor Hurt?

Our intention in this article is to get you accurate and feasible information available on the internet about the American chef Taylor Hurt. Taylor Hurt was an American chef who was dreaming of becoming a world famous cook. She died due to a car accident. The mother of the deceased Gary Hurt and Luvith Hurt, who is the father are now living with their other family members. 

The Taylor Hurt Car Accident is said to be the reason behind the death of Taylor Hurt. Taylor and her partner were the only person that she was once concerned about while she was struggling and was in rehab as well. The partner Tara and Taylor ended their relationship in 2017. After this, Taylor started focusing more on her career. Afterwards, she started dating her girlfriend Pagie Pirtle and announced the same on his Instagram handle in 2019.  This detail is taken from the online sources; we are not framing anything.

The Taylor Hurt Car Accident and Cause of Death

As already mentioned, the death of Taylor Hurt is said to have been caused by car crash. But there are people who speculate that car crash was not the real cause of her death. The Taylor family has not revealed the real cause of death and have not commented on the issue for long. There are people who speculate that she might have overdosed and passed away. This claim is not substantiated and has not been pressed much. There is no base to support this claim as well. 

If we look at the Taylor Hurt Car Accident, it is also not talked about much by the family members. However, the overdose claim is also not feasible and for now it is fine to leave the topic without delving much into it as any pure evidential question remains to be settled. 


After the death of the famous American chef Taylor Hurt, it was claimed that she died of a car crash. However, the details of the crash have not surfaced yet and therefore people were speculating whether she really died of car crash. At this point, to rebut the Taylor Hurt Car Accident theory, another theory surfaced which claimed that Chef Taylor Swift died of overdose. However, no evidence is given to substantiate this claim and this is merely a rumor. To know more, see Taylor Hurt life details.  

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