Tom And Carla Break Up {June} Explore Complete Reality!

This post explores the Tom and Carla Break Up rumours and what might have gone wrong between the couple.

Are you a fan of Filipina actor couple Tom Rodriguez and Carla Abellana? Have you heard about their rumoured breakup? Tune into this post if you want to know more about their breakup. 

The rumours of Tom Rodriguez and Carla Abellana’s break have created a lot of steer in the media. Fans of Tom and Carla throughout the world, especially in the Philippines and the United States, are curious to know the real story behind Tom and Carla Break Up rumours.

Who are Tom & Carla? 

Carla Abellana and Tom Rodriguez are among the most famous names in the Filipino entertainment industry. The celebrity couple met in 2013 on the sets of the massive hit GMA series named My Husband’s Lover. Soon they started working as main leads on the show My Destiny in 2014. The details on their break up seems rumour only.

Since then, they have been dating each other and as per sources, lived with a boyfriend before being engaged in March 2021. And on 23rd October, they tied the knot in a private crunch ceremony. 

Did Tom and Carla Break Up

Within three months of Tom Rodriguez & Carla Abellana marrying in a lavish church wedding, reports about their supposed split began to circulate. The controversy erupted after Tom shared a mysterious video on his Instagram account. Fans were disturbed by the clip, which featured a discussion that seemed like a breakup scenario.

Many fans commented on the post and showed their support for the couple. One fan asked Tom to be strong and handle the situation correctly. Other fans wished them good luck and requested the couple to stay close. 

Also, Tom wasn’t following Carla on Instagram, making fans more concerned about Tom and Carla Break Up rumours. Since then, Tom has deactivated his Instagram account, and Carla has started liking most comments against Tom on social media.

After the rumour circulated, model turned actor Kelly was rumoured to be the reason behind the couple’s break up. However, many speculate Kelly is having an affair with Tom, which none of them confirmed. 

As of now, there is no update from the couple. However, people around the couple have spoken about Tom and Carla’s relationship status. There are also rumours of Tom being a member of the LGBTQ+ community. However, these rumours have not been proven. It may be the main reason behind the alleged Tom and Carla Break Up

Why Did Tom Rodriguez and Carla Abellena Break Up?

In March, Rey Abellana spoke about the alleged break of his daughter with Tom. Rey told a columnist that Carla and Tom were going through a rough phase. Carla has caught Tom cheating on her, and a one-night stand was involved in this case. Please note that all details are based on online sources only, we are not blaming anyone.


Though Tom & Carla haven’t replied to the breakup rumours, it is sure that the couple is not and are handling things in private, as stated by Carla’s father. Click here to read Ray Abellana’s interview on Tom & Carl’s breakup.

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