Explore Post Malone Accident-What Happened to Him? What Are His Columbus Event News? Read On His Falling at Concert In St Louis 2022!

This write-up aims to provide information on the Post Malone Accident during his concert. So stay tuned till the last to explore more.

Have you heard about the accident that happened in St. Louis? People from the United States, Canada, and other countries want to know what happened at the concert of Post Malone. The incident related to Post Malone has gained some limelight. People are keen to know about Post Malone Accident and how it happened. If you are here for the same, don’t worry and keep up with this article because this article will allow you to know everything about the incident.

How did his accident happen?

On 17 September 2022, Post Malone met an accident while performing in St. Louis at the Enterprise Center. He was performing on the stage and suddenly fell because of a hole on the stage. After this accident, he was examined by the medical staff; meanwhile, the show was on hold for some minutes. Then he came back and apologized to his audience.

What Happened to Post Malone?

As we summarized to the readers earlier, Post Malone met an accident during his concert in St. Louis. The staff took him to the hospital. Reports say he has injured his ribs because of the fall and is currently under pain medicines.

After this incident, Post Malone fans worried about him and wanted to get an update from him. Post Malone’s fans were asking about his current health status all over social media, so on 18 September 2022, On Twitter, Malone uploaded a selfie video where he talked about his current status and said he is doing well now.

Rumors about Post Malone St Louis 2022 Accident

After Post Malone’s St Louis Accident, rumors spread over the internet that he had broken his 3 ribs because of the fall. But we would like to inform the fans and the well-wishers that it is a mere rumor, and according to the x-ray, Post Malone didn’t break his 3 ribs. Instead, he got bruised in his ribs, and because of that, currently, he is on medication.

He also added in his video that next time he would do the two-hour concert for the fans to make up for this time, as he missed some songs because of the accident.

About Post Malone Columbus concert

Many people want an update about the Columbus concert of Post Malone with Roddy Ricch. If you are trying to book your tickets for the show, we would like to inform the readers that on many websites, the ticket is not available as the date of the concert was 18 September 2022. So the website shows that the event has already started or the ticket sales have stopped.


The article discusses the accident with Post Malone, and we also cleared the rumors about him. If you want to know more on Post Malone read here.

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