Did Marilyn Monroe Have Abortion? Did She Have Children? Who Was She Married To? Know About Her Husbands Here!

In this article, we will talk about the movie Blonde and Did Marilyn Monroe Have Abortion. Stay tuned with us and grab the details here.

Are you looking for the brief details of the Netflix Movie ‘Blonde’? Do you want to know about her personal life? The movie is based on Hollywood Legend, Norma Jean Mortenson, frequently known as Marilyn Monroe. 

Netflix streamers from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia are excited to see the movie of legend Marilyn Monroe and Did Marilyn Monroe Have Abortion information online.

Real Story of Marilyn Monroe

The movie premier shows multiple scenes in which her personal life and infertility problems are discovered. So people are unaware of the actual story and guess she had an abortion that brought her several problems. 

Reality is different; Marilyn’s friend said she didn’t have any abortions. However, she had endometriosis which led to tissue displacement, and she faced many miscarriages. The sources also verify that she was consuming some sedatives that brought her infertility.

Did Marilyn Monroe Have Children?

Marilyn Monroe didn’t have any children from all three husbands. She married three men, first James, then Joe DiMaggio and finally Arthur Miller. Monroe got miscarriages 3 times from all three husbands. She got pregnant by the Tubal pregnancy method with Arthur, but later it led to Miscarriage. 

She was broken from her miscarriage with Arthur and left her hope of having her own children. After that, she started taking seductive and had a suicidal tendency to end her life.

Who Was Marilyn Monroe Married To?

Marilyn was born on 1st June 1926 in LA, California and died on 4th August 2016 at 36 due to a Barbiturate overdose.

First, she married James Dougherty from 1942 to 1946, and in 1954 she married Joe DiMaggio till 1955. Her second husband retired several times to receive a baby, but it was unsuccessful. Moreover, her close friend shared information that he used to attack her physically. Lastly, she married Arthur Miller from 1956 to 1961 and got pregnant but again had a miscarriage. These are Marilyn Monroe and Husbands details. You can get similar information in the new documentary on Netflix ‘Blonde’ based on her personal life. 


Netflix movie Blonde is based on Hollywood actor Marilyn Monroe. From the premier video, people want to know about her abortion.

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