YOUTUBE Jill Biden Breakfast Tacos {July} Details!

The guide shares details about the comparison speech and backaches on the YOUTUBE Jill Biden Breakfast Tacos video.  

Do you know the first lady of America, Jill Biden, apologized for her tacos comments about Latinos? She made the comparison at a Hispanic conference organized in San Antonio, Texas, on Tuesday. 

Finally, she apologized for her comments and said it was pure admiration and affection for Latino Community and nothing else. The Press Secretary posted the tweet after a media blaze was seen across the United States, Canada, and India. You may check the YOUTUBE Jill Biden Breakfast Tacos video.     

Jill Biden Breakfast Tacos Comment – How She Reacted to the Backlashes?

After the comparison speech, many backlashes and reactions popped up on social media, primarily from the National Association of Hispanic Journalists. The organization said Jill Biden, the first lady, tried to showcase the uniqueness of Latin as breakfast tacos in her speech, and it shows a lack of cultural sensitivity and knowledge of the diversity of Latinos. 

After the backlashes, the Press Secretary, Michael LaRosa, shared a tweet on her behalf and said the first lady apologized for her Tuesday comment at the 2022 UnidosUS Annual Conference. There is a video on YouTube of FLOTUS’s speech where people are expressing their anger. 

About YOUTUBE Jill Biden Breakfast Tacos Comment!

Jill Biden is the first lady of America, and she was seen apologizing online for her comment at a conference that hurt the sentiments of Latinos. Jill Biden was invited to share a speech at the conference organized in Texas. She was complimenting Raul Yzaguirre for the work and for the Presidential Medal of Freedom which Yzaguirre received last week. 

The first lady also complimented the Latino diversity, which didn’t go very well because she compared the Latinos to blossoms, bodegas, and breakfast tacos in her speech. Everyone scrutinized the comment on social media, and it caused a media firestorm. 

Many people also commented on the YOUTUBE Jill Biden Breakfast Tacos comment, and she showed that people are not happy with her comparison speech at the conference. So, the Press Secretary shared a tweet to stabilize the matter and clarify things.

How Other People Reacted to the Comment?

After the backlash from NAHJ, many people took social media to share their thoughts about the comparison speech. People reacted to the comment and said, Latinos are not tacos, and their heritage is shaped by different cultures, food traditions, and Diasporas.    

The Florida GOP Senator, Marco Rubio, also reacted to the comment by changing the profile picture to a Taco image. People also commented on the YOUTUBE Jill Biden Breakfast Tacos video, which you may check to know how people react to the comment.           


The First lady, Jill Biden, is making news these days because of her comparison speech at a conference in Texas. She compared the Latinos to breakfast tacos in her speech which ignited belligerence amongst the Hispanic Community.

After the backlashes, her Press Secretary, Michael LaRosa, posted a tweet on his official account saying that the first lady apologizes for her comparison speech. Many people reacted and commented on the YOUTUBE Jill Biden Breakfast Tacos video.

What is your reaction to the comment? Please share it in the comment section. 

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