Chaplin Wordle {July 2022} Insterested About Gameplay?

The news below provides the specifications and correct movie answers related to Chaplin Wordle as per hints.

Are you looking for a brilliant game combining unique words and puzzles? Do you want to know the correct spelling of a recent wordle puzzle? If yes, then you are on the right page!

Users from Worldwide are trying to look for the best answers in solutions to puzzles and daily challenges as the recent clue is about a movie, which brings Chaplin Wordle to be the answer. Read below for more specifications and hints about Wordle to guess the correct answer.

Is Chaplin the correct answer or not?

The puzzle of the 13th of July in the moviedle category of Wordle has a unique answer in the series. However, with the anonymous guess, the users placed the answer as Chaplin. The answer to the 13th of July puzzle was certainly not correct as the users did not mention the movie.

The correct answer for the Game was Modern Times! This answer was also later uploaded by the official web page to showcase the correct answer as per hints.

Chaplin Definition according to Game 

CHAPLIN- It is referred to an English film actor or director who worked in certain movies like the kid in 1921 and the golden rush in 1925. He was born in 1889 and survived till 1977.

Hints for the puzzle

  • The first one was that the movie was released in 1936
  • The second hand was about the American silent comedy film
  • The third hand was about the Charlie Chaplin character
  • Fourth and was the movie starts with m
  • The fifth thing was it crossed the box office with more than 1.8 million
  • The sixth hint was Charlie Chaplin directed it

Rules to play Chaplin Wordle

Wordle, as a trending platform, has different categories of games symbolizing movies, songs, pictures, and culture. Moviedle, one of the recent frequent games on the Internet, is in high demand for the players. One must follow the rules to play it smoothly:-

  • Open the official website of word hurdles
  • Select the category of moviedle
  • Begin to play the middle button or read the question
  • You can also play the clip 6 times.
  • Solve the answer within 6 attempts based on the hints
  • The user with the highest scoring gets to win a level-up or compressed coupons for more challenging questions.

Why Is Chaplin Word Trending?

Is Chaplin a Word a trending topic as it brings the old memories back provided with the movie clip? The user, in excitement, did not concentrate on the hints and felt the name of the character shown in the clue. 


Based on the research, the official website claims that the answer to the puzzle was miss matched for many users. The new player must understand the principle of the Game and enjoy the challenging task every 24 hours to improve their dictionary and personal skills. 

Was the article helpful in revealing the correct answer for the 13th of July puzzle? Comment your answer for Chaplin Wordle!

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