How to Update Realm Minecraft Bedrock {July 2022} Read!

In this post, we discuss How to Update Realm Minecraft Bedrock latest update on various devices, including PC, Playstation and more.  

Are you an online gaming lover? If yes, then you might also try Minecraft once in your lifetime or might not. In case you are a Minecraft game lover, here is good news for you the game has issued a recent update. So, here is How to Update Realm Minecraft Bedrock for the gamers of the United States.

What is Minecraft Realm Bedrock update?

It is a recent update offered by the creator of Minecraft to its gamers. You can start the online server for yourself and your friends in this update. With this update, the one chief owner allows 10 more friends in the game. Though this server is not gigantic as Dream SMP, it is very useful for gamers to enjoy the game with their friends and family. Further, gamers can keep this realm in their game until they want. Thus, you can enjoy the indefinite realm if you pay the subscription fee.  

How to Update Minecraft Realms Bedrock?

The answer is here if you are looking for Minecraft Realms bedrock. In the original Minecraft version, the realm update is available on demand. But as the server is online, the gamer can join whenever he wants but with one player option only. On the Minecraft pages there will be an option to update, just click on it and get latest version

If the gamer hasn’t updated the game yet, the realm features of the Minecraft game will not get updated, which will cause an issue in the game. It may also cause trouble with further bug issues. So, the player might want to try out the recent features that often come after such massive updates in Minecraft’s realms.

How to Update Minecraft Bedrock on PC?

The method of updating the realm on your PC may vary due to the computer version and brand. But, the most common method to get realm updates on your PC is going to your PC where apps are downloaded. Then after, look at whether there is any update pending or not. After that, you will find a three-dot sign on Microsoft where you have to update the Minecraft Bedrock.  

Where can Playstation User Update Minecraft Bedrock?

If you are a PlayStation user and want to play Minecraft, you might be looking for How to Update Realm Minecraft Bedrock? In PlayStation, the terminology is slightly different. If you have Nintendo Switch, then it might not get automatically updated. In that situation, the gamer has opened the game, and then the Minecraft bedrock gets automatically updated. 

How to update the Minecraft Bedrock from Google Play Store?

When you open the Minecraft game page, then you will see an update option in the game. As soon as it completes, the realm will be updated, and the latest version of the Minecraft Bedrock realm will be updated. If the game is not updated, the player can either open the Microsoft Store or click on the update section below the tab of “My Games & Apps.”


If you are looking for How to Update Realm Minecraft Bedrock, you must check whether you are playing on a PC, Playstation, or phone. To get the update, follow the steps necessary to update the Minecraft realm on your device. To know more, click here

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