Quardle Wordle Game {Mar} Read Hints On How To Play!

Quardle Wordle Game is another popular word game with some modifications and is perfect for brain exercise. Read here the rules and play.

Are you searching for popular word games other than Wordle? People nowadays are going crazy over word games. And the internet is providing the perfect games in this category with some variations.

So, one game that is getting popular similar to Wordle game across the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, and Australia is Quordle games. Also, since it is similar to Wordle, people mistakenly search the name as Quardle Wordle Game.

However, it is to note that the searchability keywords and the result is slightly different. So, let us explore the game through this post.

A brief history of the game:

After the Wordle craze went viral, similar other word games came on the internet. And one such article about the Dordle game inspired Guilherme S. Tows and his group to create other word games. So, along with David Mah, they created the first type of this game on January 30th and started playing.

However, initially, it had 2 keyboards, but they worked together to do modifications. Initially, Quardle Wordle Game was limited to their group and a few dozen players in Ohio.

But all of sudden, an article posted in The Guardian gave the game more recommendations. As a result, it is now viral in the word game lists. Not surprisingly, the game has more than 900k players across the world.

What do you need to know about this game?

Quordle is quite similar to the most popular Wordle game. However, if we talk about the Quordle game, it has quite similar concepts but few twists. The twist is that players must guess four meaningful words simultaneously in nine attempts.

Quardle Wordle Game- the rules:

Like Wordle, you have got 5 letters word box but arranged in the quad. You will need an active internet connection to begin the game. Also, to submit each guess, you can use the enter button on the keyboard.

Now, the question is, how to know if the words you are guessing is correct or incorrect. For this, the game shows the colour transition. So, after you hit the enter button, if the block changes to:

Green: the right alphabet at the correct position.

Yellow: the right alphabet at the wrong position.

Grey: alphabets are not at any spot in the Quordle.

Quardle Wordle Game, so, how does it sound? Found it similar? But what about some twist that makes this game bit tough than Wordle? We will discuss some more rules here.

More hints on how to play:

  • Whatever you type, it goes for all four words of that day.
  • So, it means you are solving this puzzle for four different words.
  • The colour transition rule is the same for all four blocks.
  • So, the green in one block is not the same for the other three.
  • The game refreshes and a new Quordle is available each day.


Players are going crazy over Quardle Wordle Game and, at the same time, struggling to find the perfect quad-word of the day.

But search it with the correct keyword while searching the game; otherwise, it will direct you to a different page. However, if you click here, you don’t have to struggle to start the Quordle game.

Which is your favourite trending puzzle game these days? Write the name in the comment section below.

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