Surveyworld Scam-Is It Legit To Spend The Money Here? Get The Complete Review Now!

This post will analyse the legitimacy of the popular website Survey World and check Surveyworld Scam. Read further and grab required details.  

Are you interested in reviewing any site or survey and getting paid for it? Hundreds of platforms provide you with the opportunity to review any site, and you will be paid for it. If you are from the United Kingdom, you must know the Surveyworld website. So, let’s dig out this website’s legitimacy by reviewing and testing this site from various aspects. To know whether the Surveyworld Scam is real or fake, please read the article till last. 


Is the Survey World website fake?

Survey World is an online platform where anyone can take an online survey and complete it. After completing the survey, you can make money out of it. However, it is an actual survey website partnered with various websites such as Opinion World, Valued Opinion, and Opinion Outpost. 

This website was started in 2017 in the Netherlands to connect people with different survey companies and encourage research opportunities. Though this website is quite popular and old, we need more reasons to prove its authenticity. To check whether this website is a scam or not, read the next section of the article properly.

Is Surveyworld Legit?

  • The website is more than two years old, with a great trust score. The domain was created on 1st April 2017.
  • It has a high Alexa ranking with a global ranking of 470568 and a country ranking of 319330.
  • The website’s trust score is 86, which is relatively good.
  • The domain name on the website is old.
  • The owner’s name on the website is mentioned with the country name, but the phone number is missing.
  • The content is secured on the website with HTML.
  • Some other required details are also found while analysing this website, such as domain id, creation date, update date etc.

After analysis of the Surveyworld Review and website, we can conclude that the website is not legit. Though it is not directly involved in any survey, the survey is used by a third party.

Final verdict

By examining various aspects of the website, we can say that the website need proper research. It has a good trust score, creation date, high Alexa ranking and HTML protocol which signifies the site. So, before taking an online survey on this website refer it deeply. 

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