Is Zip Recruiter Legit- Check Out The Information In This Site For Careers In Canada!

If you are searching for a job, please go through the Is Zip Recruiter Legit article and stay tuned with us for more blogs.

Are you looking for a job searching website? Have you heard about ZipRecruiter? If not, then please go through the entire article. Some job seekers from the United States want to know whether the website ZipRecruiter is legit or not. If you also have the same query, please keep reading the article. 

Nowadays, finding a trustworthy job is difficult. There are many fake job searching websites available that make this work more difficult. So, we request you to read the article to find out Is Zip Recruiter Legit.


Is ZipRecruiter a trustworthy website?

Like other job searching websites, ZipRecruiter also helps you to find your desired job. Over 2.8 million businesses use ZipRecruiter, and more than 110 million job seekers use the platform to connect with the businesses. And you will be happy to hear that ZipRecruiter is indeed a trustworthy job searching and posting site because ZipRecruiter has been in business since 2010. 

Zip Recruiter Careers:

Right now, in ZipRecruiter, you can find more than 190 jobs around the world. Let’s see the benefits of working with ZipRecruiter. 

  • ZipRecruiter helps you to find your desired job with a top-market salary.
  • You will get health, dental and pet insurance for your family.
  • You can take leave whenever you need.
  • You will get paid leave to take care of your newborn baby or adopted child.
  • They organize volunteer programs. 

Zip Recruiter Canada:

For those who belong to Canada, we have great news for you. Though the headquarters of ZipRecruiter is in the US, they also have a branch in Toronto, Canada. So, if you are from Canada, you will be amazed to know that in your region, you can find thousands of jobs. The companies in Canada considered ZipRecruiter for its international and global reach, ease of use, and job aspirant matching features. 

Is Zip Recruiter Legit?

As we mentioned earlier, ZipRecruiter is legit. But like other websites, it has also mixed reviews. Some have bad experiences with them, and some have excellent experiences with them. Among 100% of reviews, 78% are positive. Around 10.5k people rated ZipRecruiter. The overall rating of this website is 4.2 stars out of 5 stars. 


Candidates like some features of ZipRecruiter, such as value for money, customer support, and ease to use. So, now we have the answer to the question Is Zip Recruiter Legit or not? Click here to learn about more job searching websites

Will you choose this platform to find your desired job? Please comment. 

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