Slap Chris Dot Com {April 2022} Know Details Here!

Scroll down this article to know detailed information about Slap Chris Dot Com and other relevant information about this game in detail.

Recently we all know about an unfortunate event between Chris Rock and Will Smith on the stage of the Oscar Event. Do you know what happened? Have you ever heard of a game that has recently launched? Chris Rock was the host for this year’s Oscar 2022, he was joking with other participants, and suddenly Will Smith slapped him in front of everybody.

Therefore, read this article because worldwide fans wonder about the new game Slap Chris Dot ComThis game was developed after this viral incident. Go ahead and clear your doubts by reading this article.

Things you need to know about Chris Dot Com!

This game has recently developed after the incident happened between both Chris Rock and Will Smith at an Oscar event. This game is an online game where players can play this game by visiting their website.

In this game, players have to hit Chris Rock. This game has been developed for entertainment purposes. Players can win this game by hitting harder than other players in Slap Chris Dot Com.

Important information about Chris Rock Dot Com!

There is some information that every player needs to know before they play this game. Those pieces of information are as follows:

  • In this game, players can easily slap Chris Rock to win the game.
  • The Main Mission of this game is to slap or beat Chris Rock as strong as possible, and the game will measure the speed of slap given by players to Chris.
  • You can set the speed of the slap by kmph or mph.
  • The user interface of this game is simple, and every player can access it.

Unknown fact about the developer of Slap Chris Dot Com!

The facts that every player needs to know about the developer of this game are as follows:

  • Tyler Hamilton developed this game.
  • This game has two measurements for the speed of a slap.
  • Hamilton is also known for developing strange games like Hunt for covid 19 vaccines.
  • He has also added a few emojis in this game.
  • Here players can pick up the head of Chris Rock. After slapping Chris Rock, it will be counted as Headshots.

These are the few things that everyone needs to know about the developer of Slap Chris Dot Com.

Why is this topic trending?

The reason behind the trend of this topic is simple, the incident when Will Smith Slapped Chris Rock while he was joking about his wife’s health problem. After this incident, Tyler Hamilton developed this game for fun purposes.

Final Verdict:

Our internet’s research found that a game has been developed where players need to slap Chris Rock hard to win the game. Here slap speed can be measured by kmph or mph. Developer Tyler developed this game.

The purpose of developing this game is for fun purposes. So, share your view if you have played Slap Chris Dot Com before reading this article, comment in our comment box below. Further, click here if you want to try Slap Chris Rock.

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