Chris Rock Slap Game {April 2022} Know the Official Link

The article will give you a primary idea about Chris Rock Slap Game and describe how easily you play the game.

Are you a game lover? So, get ready to play a brand new game. But this game is a little different from other computer games. The game’s plot is based on a recent Chris Rock slap incident done by legendary actor Will Smith. 

A game lover introduces the whole incident into a slapping game. The game is already getting much priority among gamers Worldwide. But what is in the game? What are the features? We will describe everything on Chris Rock Slap Game

What Do You Know About the Game? 

It is an exciting game. Moreover, gamers can play the game easily on their personal computer or laptop. The players just need to log in to the website and start the game without hassle. As per research on the game website, players can find an emoji of a hand on the left side of the website. 

On the right side, they can find the emoji of Chris Rock’s head. The gamers can put the cursor on their hand and slap the Chris Rock emoji many times. It also shows the power of slapping. 

Slap Chris Rock Game– Know the Founder

Now we should find out the founder of the game. The name of the game is “Slap Chris”. The name of the creator of the game is Taylor Hamilton. However, Hamilton is very famous for his previous game also. Hamilton introduced games like “Flappy Bird”, “Glady Bird”, etc. 

But now, Hamilton has come up with a new idea. In the game, the gamers can virtually slap Chris Rock without any problem. The game is user friendly and can easily game. It is a web browser game, so you don’t need to download any mobile application to play the game.

Chris Rock Slap Game- the Trends

The game will give you nothing but fun. It simply shows the emoji of the hand and face of Rock. The players need to slap powerfully on the front of Chris Rock. 

The most exciting fact is that the players can share their scores on social media platforms. On the website, you can find the score share options. The players can share their scores on “Facebook” and “Twitter”. 

Many people have already started playing the game and sharing their scores on the platforms. You can also know the – Slap Chris Highest Score by checking the website (given in conclusion). 

Why the News is Trending

The game news is trending because the idea of the game is taken from a recent and accurate incident. At the Oscar ceremony, Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock. People know the news. The game is inspired by the incident; that is why the slap game is trending. 


Meanwhile, when the game was popular and had massive acceptance, Hollywood actor Will Smith already said sorry for the incident. But now, Tylor Hamilton’s creator is getting massive popularity for his unique idea for Chris Rock Slap Game

Also, you can play the game anytime by clicking its official website. Have You Played the Game? Share your score

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