Hurdle Game Where To Play {March 2022} Find the Platform

If you are a music fan and looking for games related to the same, follow this article about Hurdle Game Where To Play for more details.

Have you heard about Heardle? Most of us might have played and heard the details of Wordle and Quardle, but Heardle is new for all of us.

The music-themed game has gained hype in many parts, including New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Australia. It would be easy to explain Heardle as the musical version for wordle, giving players multiple chances to get their right guess.

Are you looking out for the answers to the Hurdle Game Where To PlayIf yes, scroll this article until the end to get complete details!

What is Heardle?

Before we start with the details of this game, let’s first get some clarification over the title. People are looking out for this game under Hurdle, but the name is Heardle. This is an online game that allows players to guess the introduced song. 

Players will be given a few-second clip for a song, beginning from one second to six seconds. Like wordle, the new song is introduced to the platform in a puzzle every day. Players are given an option to guess the song and have six attempts.

Hurdle Game Where To Play?

Heardle is easily available on the internet, and players can access it through its official website. The website address for Heardle is the The homepage for this website will be the game’s menu with the tabs of stats, support, about and how to play.

If you have any doubts about the game, you can click on any of the given tabs for help. 

Below all these tabs, you will also find a search bar where players can search for their option for artist and song. They are also given the tabs for play, skip and submit for further procedures.

Hurdle Game Where To Play answer is quite easy and can be enjoyed through the official website.

What are the steps to play Hurdle?

Just like the excitement for where to play this game, players are also curious to know the steps to play the game.

  • Players first need to press play to get an introductory clip to start with the puzzle. This clip can ideally be played multiple times.
  • If you want to skip this puzzle or cannot guess the same, you can follow up with another song. Hurdle Game Where To Play website will help you with the steps.
  • Players are given 4-6 attempts to guess this song, and an early guess will help them with rewarded points.

Final Verdict:

The game is easy to play and also has multiple exciting elements. For example, players will listen to a song, and they need to guess the correct song and artist. The game is gaining enough popularity every day, and players can easily access the same through its official website.

Check out the Heardle Website to know more. Did this article help you with answers to Hurdle Game Where To Play? Please share your views for the same in the comments section below.

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