Hurdle Song Game (March 2022) The Steps To Play The Game

This post discusses and elaborates about Hurdle Song Game and details on the features and gameplay.

Puzzle games have become the latest craze among internet lovers. What was started by Josh Wardle as a present to his girlfriend with the puzzle game Wordle has now got many spin-offs. Besides, the variations are equally alluring and exciting too.

So, the latest to join the league of puzzle games is Heardle which also has searchability with the word Hurdle. It is a puzzle game for music lovers which is popular across Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, Ireland and Australia.

Thus, this article brings you a detailed insight into Hurdle Song Game. Read below.

A Quick Sneek Peak About Hurdle or Heardle 

It is to be noted that the original app name is Heardle, but it also has searchability with the keyword Hurdle. To begin with, it is a puzzle gaming app that is designed for music lovers. Moreover, the gameplay is not different from Wordle’s, which makes it easier for players.

Like Wordle, players here get six attempts to find out the right song through the intro music and solve Hurdle Song Game Today. Besides, new music is released each day, with the duration of the music snippet increasing through the six attempts.

What Are The Features of Hurdle Game?

  • The game has a very easy UX which resembles that of Wordle. Thus, it is not too complex to understand.
  • Players are presented with a new snippet each day. The first intro snippet plays for 1 second.
  • Herein, on skipping or the wrong guess, the duration increases by 2 seconds, 4 seconds, 7 seconds, 11 seconds and 16 seconds.

Moreover, with every wrong guess, the app provides more options of songs to choose from.

Hurdle Song Game – The Steps To Play the Music Puzzle Game?

  • All you need to do is visit the
  • You will be introduced to the screen with a press button
  • Click on it, and music will play
  • You can listen to the music several times
  • Or try your luck by using all six attempts
  • The app’s best thing is that it assists by auto-filling the blanks when you guess the song right.
  • Either play the song or share it on your social media with friends on the right guess.

There are no charges levied for playing the game, and we hope the article highlights How To Play Hurdle Song Game Online Free.

Wrapping It All

Hurdle has received an instant welcome and acceptance from music lovers globally. The brainstorming and curiosity to guess the correct song are truly enticing. Moreover, you can test your music knowledge and get acquainted with new music and songs using the music puzzle app.

We hope this article provides you with sufficient information about the music puzzle app and how to play it. Furthermore, the app is available for free globally, and every player is given the same puzzle to solve, which doesn’t differ from place to place.

Do you want to learn and explore more about Hurdle Song Game? Then do visit the game’s app here.

What has been your experience with the app? Please express your feedback and views in the feedback section below.

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