Rip Ajax 1980 School (March) Shot At School Assembly!

This post offers information about this old Rip Ajax 1980 School incident and all relevant details.

Gun violence and school shootings are troubling problems in the US. There have been many worrying school shooting cases in the past few years where young children and students have lost their lives. Because of a recent similar school shooting incident, users are searching about an older incident which has made the query Rip Ajax 1980 School trendy.

Users in the United States and Canada are interested in knowing the details of this tragic incident at a high school. We’ll mention all the relevant details in this article.

About Spingarn High School 

Named after Joel Elias Spingarn, the Spingarn High School was a public school in Columbia for African American students. The school was built to relieve the crowding in other schools and was built between the years 1951 and 1952. 

The school has produced many notable and well-known alumni. Users are recently searching to know Why Did Spingarn High School Closed, and we’ll mention all the relevant details about it below. 

Who is Ajax?

  • The school has produced many notable alumni, but its history also has one unfortunate incident.
  • Adrian Precia was the victim of a gun violence incident in this school. 
  • His nickname was Ajax, and he was killed when a small pistol that his friends were toying with went off and fired.
  • This incident took place in 1980, made headlines, and gained mainstream media coverage.
  • Ajax was only 16 years old and was the first victim to die in a public school shooting in nearly a decade.

Why Did Spingarn High School Closed?

The school was awarded many honors in its run but was later closed for some reason. Let’s look at some details about why this school closed down and why this incident is gaining traction.

  • There’s been a sudden spike in school shootings and gun violence incidents recently in the US.
  • Users have gained some interest in similar incidents in the past, which has made this query trendy.
  • The school has produced many notable alumni who have achieved significant success in their careers.
  • The school closed down in 2013 due to the declining rate of student enrollment.
  • The Rip Ajax 1980 School incident has renewed people’s interest in this school and this case, as there have been similar cases in recent years, and this has become an issue of concern.
  • Read more about this incident here

The Final Thoughts               

There have been many news and headlines of school shootings in the past few years, and it’s incredibly worrying. For some reason, users are interested in an older similar incident, and we have mentioned the relevant details above.

Where did you get to know about this school and this tragic incident? Do you have any additional information about this incident? Kindly share your remarks on this old Rip Ajax 1980 School incident in the comments section below.

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