Ship Status Gb Scam {March 2022} How It Is Happening?

The article discusses the Ship Status Gb Scam and also try to give solutions to stop the scam. Read the article to know more.

Do you know that a new kind of scam activity is taken place in Post-office? The report says the scammers are trying to accept information and data from the scam. Many people received the message about their shipping status. And that triggers the problem. 

Even the online scam has already been discussed among the United States people. Due to this reason, we will find out the basic information on the scam for our readers. Let’s start the find out of Ship Status Gb Scam

What is this Fraud Message? 

The incident started in the United Kingdom. Many people receive a message on their mobile about their shipping status.This message states that the users need to spend 1.45 Pounds via an online transaction to avail of the delivery service. 

After preceding the payment, the text also says the website will confirm the delivery status. But two problems arise. First, who received the message among them many people didn’t place any order. 

Secondly, the text has grammatical mistakes. Due to this reason, many people just avoid the text. But it also denotes a concern about a scam.

Ship Status Gb Text

The scam message indicates some genuine concern about the delivery scam.

  1. The main reason is to track the people’s delivery and products.
  2. The scam message indicates another way of arranging data for ill purposes.
  3. Many experts also believe that the primary delivery organization also involves such scams. The reason is that the company knows the basic information of the online order, product-related information, and users’ data. But this theory needs a proper investigation to prove the matter.
  4. The messenger also asked for a small amount as the shipping charges. It indicates some illegal activities.

Ship Status Gb Scam

Now the question is how the scam is happening. The following discussion can help you to understand. 

  1. Many message receivers log in to the said website (, but when the users get into the website, they find the website is asking for their bank information. 
  2. After that, the users take the matter to the respective post office. But as per the post office, they declared the post office never sent such messages and never asked the bank details from the users. 

The post office requested that the people don’t entertain Ship-status-gb Scam and click on the link. 

Why the News is Trending

The news is trending because it is a new kind of scam. The scammer asks for the small money and traps the people. Many people have already been subjected to fraud and lost money. Even an investigation has also started. Due to this reason, scam news is trending among the news media.

At Last 

As per the expert’s view, you don’t need to click the link. Another opinion is people should use an excellent website to track data about the delivery. And delete the Ship Status Gb Scam immediately. These are ways to stop the scam. 

Besides this, we need to acknowledge that the information and inputs are taken from the news and internet sources. You can understand more to stop such scams by clicking the link. Have you gotten such a scam message? Share your view. 

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