Carlos Santana Rochester {July 2022} Complete Details!

This post on Carlos Santana Rochester will guide our readers about the reason behind his collapse.

Do you know Carlos Santana collapsed on stage while performing at Pine knob in Clarkston? The 74-year-old guitarist performed Tuesday night with the opening act earth, wind, in the United States.

Carlos Santana Rochester collapsed on stage, and the show was paused at the end. After he collapsed on stage team took him and rushed him to a nearby hospital.

This post will guide our readers about his sudden collapse on stage. 

Kindly read this post. It includes all such details about the incident.

Why Is Everyone Talking About Him?

Carlos Santana is an American guitarist born in Mexico who came to fame in the late 60s and early 70s with his band Santana, a super fusion of Rock and roll and Latin American jazz. Some of his famous albums are Abraxas [1970], Supernatural [1999], Moonflower [1977], and Blessings and Miracles, his recent album published in [2021].

Carlos Santana Rochester was performing on the stage on Tuesday night. All of a sudden, he collapsed at the moment. His team and crew members reached the stage, took him to the nearby hospital, and admitted him to the emergency room. This incident made people concerned and that’s why everyone is talking about him.

Cause Of Collapsing

On Tuesday night, he collapsed on stage amid of ongoing performance by singing Pale blue eyes. According to the sources, he collapsed on stage because of dehydration and heat. He didn’t eat or drink water for a day which caused his collapse.

Ciri mike was one among the audience who was present in the show. She said, ”being evidence of Carlos Santana Rochester collapsing while performing, it was a very scary and terrifying moment when we saw him collapse and the whole crew and his team rushed to the stage and announced an emergency.”  

A couple of hours after the incident occurred, Carlos Santana and his team member shared an update on his Facebook page by writing” thank you for your kind prayers. Cindy and Me are doing good now,

During the event on the 5 of July, I forgot to hydrate myself, which caused dehydration, and I collapsed. He reminded people to stay hydrated.

Carlos Santana Rochester’s wife.

His wife’s name is Cindy and they are among popular couples. On Thursday, Santana was spotted shopping with his wife, Cindy. According to the sources, Santana was walking down the street downtown, and after recognizing him, people clicked photos with him.


Summing up this article, we have informed our readers about why he collapsed in ongoing performance. Later, after three days, people spotted him in the downtown area while he was shopping with his wife.

You can check out the video of Santana shopping video which is circulating on the internet.

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