Is Dreka Gates Pregnant {June 2022} Kevin Gates Wife!

To all the readers wondering about the details of Is Dreka Gates Pregnant rumours, read this article in the end to know all the facts.

Do you know who Dreka Gates is? Are the rumours about Dreka’s pregnancy true? Who gave light to Dreka’s pregnancy rumour? Readers who are looking for the answers to these mentioned or other related questions, you’ve landed on the correct page.

Dreka is a renowned actress and internet celebrity, serving her best roles in the United States media industry. However, she has recently gained some extra pounds, and people are relating the same to her pregnancy. Read this article Is Dreka Gates Pregnant to know the reality behind these rumours!

Is Dreka Pregnant?

Recently as an image was floating over the internet where Dreka was seen putting on some extra weight, people misunderstood this picture as an initiative toward announcing their pregnancy. But the same is not true.

Kevin and Dreka announced their marriage back on 17th October 2015. The couple is already the parents of two children, and this would have been five from Kevin’s family. In the recent picture shared, people wished the couple best wishes for their life ahead, but Dreka is not pregnant.

Kevin Gates Wife Pregnant– Thoughts about the Rumours:

After discovering the reality that Kevin and Dreka are not expecting any other child, let’s now find out who gave light to these rumours. Of course, the main reason behind the same was the picture. The couple went out on social media and cleared off the rumour from their social media post. 

Kevin added that she drank a lot of water and that her stomach had just popped out, which was misunderstood as a baby bump. When Kevin was asked about the same, he mentioned that they are not having a baby and are happy with their existing life.

Is Dreka Gates Pregnant– Additional Details:

Adding more details to the trending hype, you will find multiple links about their separation and other related facts if you scroll down the internet. For example, Kevin and Dreka announced they were married in 2017, and both are Muslims.

They have been in a marital relationship for over 7 years, and some rumours are also trending over the internet about their separation. Kevin was recently spotted with Dreka’s trainer, Jojo Zur. She is a famed stylist, entrepreneur, and also the Hip Hop and Love Miami cast member. Kevin and Jojo were the hit topic in 2021, further highlighting Dreka Pregnant Personal Trainer in 2022.

Role of Dreka’s Personal Trainer in Pregnancy Rumour:

Personal trainer for Dreka has mentioned that they have seen the couple’s happiness when they are with their child and later added that the worry about their 3rd child is furthermore natural.

Final Verdict:

Based on internet research, we can say that Kevin and Drake have been married for more than seven years. Therefore, recent rumours about their pregnancy are not true and were just a rumour. The couple is already the parents of two children.

Find Kevin Gates’s Details to know more about the actress. Also, please share your comments on Is Dreka Gates Pregnant article in the comments below to help us know whether this was helpful or not.

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