Top Benefits of SAFe Agilist Course

SAFe Agilist Course: In recent years, the demand for SAFe Agilist courses has grown at a faster pace. In fact, you must have noticed that project management practices are evolving in a dramatic manner. And, agile project management impact is visible in the information technology sector as well as beyond it. 

Agile practices have become popular due to the growing software development and related challenges in this sector. This practice plays a key role to deliver the best project management solutions with better solutions and satisfactory speed. It is a change that was required to comply with the changing demand of this industry. Hence, software development organisations are seeking quick outcomes, rapid delivery and agility to cope with the ever-growing and changing demands of the varied projects at a single time. And, the agile approach became more relevant to make the operations smooth and hassle-free. 

All about SAFe agilist course

SAFe is a full set of software development toolkits that help different organisations to become more responsive and agile to change. The training of this course is a full package of learning programs that offer better comprehension to participants. It also guides them to clear the exam and further apply all the related concepts in the workplace. This framework allows the companies to attain business transformation. The prime aim of this program is to help the organisations to comply with the fast-growing market scenario and cope with the ever-growing customer expectations to offer the demanded services and products in a short span of time. 

What benefits does the SAFe agilist course bring with it? 

SAFe agilist course provides a number of benefits. Let’s get to know how it is going to bring fortune for you. Here are the top benefits to avail of SAFe course:-

Globally known course

SAFe agilist is listed among the globally known courses. Holding certification means that you have opportunities at a global scale. This course allows you to aim for working in any organisation around the world as you have eligible as well as valid skills, credentials, and knowledge to accomplish your dreams. 

Better scope in the market

SAFe agilist professionals are less in number, especially those who hold a certification. And, the best part is that there is a forum for these professionals to discuss opportunities and share knowledge with each other. SAFe techniques and practices not only increase their career scope but also allow them to showcase their visibility internationally. 

Best salary package

The promising reason to pursue their certification is that this offers a lucrative salary package. If you hold certification, then you not only get a good salary package but you also have better chances of a salary hike. As per the statistics, certified agilist are paid 25% more as compared to those who are not certified. 

Adapts to changing organisational requirements 

Due to the demands of clients, companies’ requirements also change. And, they find agile specialists the best to cater to those demands in a smooth manner. Their Lean User Experience (UX) and Lean Startup Cycle capabilities are really useful for adapting to creativity, innovations, and testing notions quickly. 

Perfect for handling the most complex projects

SAFe software makes it possible for multiple scrum teams to work collectively for handling even the most complex projects. This methodology is simple, transparent, and straightforward to work on the different principles and help build big solutions. To apply this methodology in the project, they work together as well as individual approaches. 

Regular delivery

With SAFe training and certification, the candidates are able to learn as well as implement the strategies with DevOps integration where there is a regular delivery offered to the clients and big team setups are managed to work as per the DevOps teams. This is helpful for handling a good amount of work and achieving regular delivery with continuous releases. 

Better decision-making at an Enterprise level

SAFe certification will help you gain good decision-making power as it is one of the most essential traits to succeed. And, this course provides you with the power to deal with this critical aspect for an organisation because with the help of worthy decisions an enterprise gets affected. SAFe training allows you to apply Lean Portfolio Management to smoothen the execution and maintenance. Further, this will also improve the economic aspect. 

Add stars to your career and profile 

The SAFe course will add stars to the weightage and value to your profile as well as boost your career. The reason is its high demand at the global level. This course lets the candidates stand out in the crowd as well as validate their knowledge base of SAFe methodology. SAFe certification course allows them to be picked by the most renowned companies. 

Who should opt for SAFe agilist training? 

SAFe training is the best for leaders who are able to influence both an organisation and its employees. And, this will help them work the best for solutions/product development. The traits required for a SAFe agilist are mentioned below:-

  • Executives who play a prime role in making decisions regarding business operations. 
  • Heads of business units who are accountable for financial investments. 
  • It is also crucial for managers of sales, marketing, IT, and engineering departments. 
  • Program managers and agile project managers who are in the lead role of the development team and project management. 
  • Leaders in the technology arena such as enterprises & solutions, engineers, and architects who work as role models for multiple employees. 
  • Business analysts and experienced software programmers who are willing to boost their knowledge and skills in the lean-agile process. 

What are the job opportunities for a SAFe agilist? 

There are a number of job roles offered to a SAFe agilist, where these have been mentioned:-

  • SAFe Scrum master who handles agile teams in an agile company. 
  • The job of the SAFe product owner can be offered as one deal in prioritising the task and finalising the budget. 
  • SAFe product manager as the priority task of managing multiple teams is handled within the Agile Release Train. The task of accomplishing customers and stakeholders demands is also managed. 
  • Release train engineer is also a demanding job these days as a release train engineer leads in the task of aligning the teams with perfection, eradicating dependencies, and providing ART (agile release train) with smooth operations. For this, he applies Lean-Agile skills and tools to ensure value. 
  • SAFe program consultant is responsible for implementing the entire SAFe toolkit within a company. He works to align the whole company through a common language and provides coordination with a solution train. 


Thus, these were the benefits associated with the SAFe agilist course. It is considered as an add-on if you have gained a minimum of five years of experience as a business analyst, developer, tester, consultant, or project manager. This will help you to take the course to boost their knowledge and skills in agile and lean processes. If you have also gained Scrum framework knowledge, then this will also be great for you. The SAFe course will also enable you to gain knowledge and competencies that stand you ahead in the crowd. Stay tuned with us for more informative blogs as we keep posting the best on trending topics.

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