Holly Weaver Smith {June 2022} Tik Tok Video goes Viral!

This article discusses a Tik Tok video by Holly Weaver Smith that is getting viral on social media, and netizens are showing their outrage against it.

Have you seen a Tik Tok video in which a Carolina woman makes racist remarks? A Tik Tok video is getting viral on a social media platform, and people are negatively reacting to the comment made by Holly Weaver. 

Most internet users in the United States do not appreciate racial slurs made in any community, and they express their anger on different platforms. Some people’s racial slur is made public by the victim, but Holly Weaver Smith has expressed her opinion about Mexicans and posted the Tik Tok video on Instagram.

Weaver Viral Tik Tok Video:

A video was posted on different social media platforms on 27th June 2022. it has got 90 000 views, and more than 600 people have retweeted the video. According to the video, the woman went for a week-long trip to Mexico and developed a foul odor. 

She tried different solutions like spray and other things, but nothing worked. It appears that she wanted suggestions from people to eliminate the bad smell. 

Holly Weaver Smith Boutique:

Holly runs a boutique in the Lexington area of North Carolina, and it has its presence on different social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. It has been seen that people react angrily to this type of racist video, and the owner of the business is targeted.

Holly is the owner of Sweet Savannah boutique, and it has a 4.4-star rating with 77 votes. At the time of writing this post, the Facebook page of the Sweet Savannah store was unavailable. The owner must have temporarily closed the account to avoid negative comments about her racist video. Holly Weaver Smith video has created a lot of outrage among netizens, and some suggest people stop purchasing clothes from Savannah boutique.

Holly Intention behind “Racial Slur” Tik Tok Video:

In the video, it can be seen that Holly is trying to make fun of Mexicans and blaming them for the bad smell. The video is captioned “What does a Dirty Mexican Smell Like,” and blames a particular community. 

It is hard to understand her intention behind making this video and posting it on social media. Holly seems to be looking for a solution for her bad smell, but the racial slur is objectionable.

Public reaction to Holly Weaver Smith Video:

The fifty-eight-second video is being termed a racial slur on Mexicana people and their culture. People have reacted strongly to the comment made by Holly, and some of the netizens are suggesting she visit the doctor and get her foul body odor treated instead of blaming Mexicans or others.

Some are also questioning the bad smell of her community and are angry about the video comment. Many want to know the reason behind the racist comment made by Holly Smith 

Final verdict:

People must understand that racist slurs are no more appreciated and must avoid singling out any community. Holly Weaver Smith believes that social media platforms should take action against people making racial comments. Netizens can share their views on the comment made by Holly Smith in the comment section.

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