How can Legal Marketing Help to Expand Your Client Base in 2022?

Legal Marketing: Are you worried about your stagnant client base or struggling with marketing strategies to expand your visibility? If your answer to any of these questions is a yes, this post will give you a rightful insight into the marketing world that will help you reach out to a larger client base. 

Legal marketing is not just limited to sharing your business card, flyers, newspaper advertisements or word of mouth marketing. The world is evolving with digitization and expanding your client base; the next step is to switch from traditional marketing to digital marketing. Digital Marketing is the strongest tool people have in their hands in the present scenario because of the rise in awareness of the client. Their first choice is search engines to look for desired PR services and products. 

Legal marketing takes care of everything from public relations to cross-selling and advertising to increase the brand visibility to the relevant audience.

Before deciding the marketing strategies, you need to realize the marketing challenges and make goals accordingly. So, here are the marketing challenges which obstruct the growth of any law firm:

  • Unclear Message: despite having the marketing tools, if your message is not clear to the potential audience, there is no benefit of your firm’s visibility to the larger audience as they will bounce back from your web page. 
  • Targeting Audience: Legal business is niche-oriented, and if you target the general audience, the result will be less than the desired one. For instance, if your firm handles family matters, you should target the audience with family grievances rather than legal matters.
  • Management of the Leads: without effective lead management, one cannot convert the relevant audience into the potential client. 

After analyzing the marketing challenges, one must decide on the goals and strategize marketing according to the desired goals.

Here are some of the goals one can work upon to maximize the results of their legal marketing strategies:

  • Set a Target: to form strategies, you need first to set targets that are specific, measured, achievable, relevant and time-bound.
  • Development of a Business: the goal should be the overall development of the business as a brand.
  • Management of Client Base: turning a lead into a potential customer has always been a management challenge that you can overcome through marketing strategies to keep a record and connect to the potential client.
  • Customer-Driven Content: content can be a great marketing tool for your business, and sharing informative content which benefits the client can increase your audience. Therefore, you should invest in customer-driven content.
  • Use of Innovative Techniques: as we have discussed, gone are the days of traditional marketing such as newspapers and flyers, so if you are still following these techniques, now is the time you give up on them and switch to innovative legal marketing strategies that will give you results on a faster rate.
  • Safeguard the Clients: Your client’s privacy is important to build trust between the firm and the client. Therefore, your strategies should safeguard your clients.

To achieve these desired goals for the growth of your legal firm, you need to adopt innovative and efficient marketing tools to reach out to the targeted audience rather than a general audience. So, here we have relevant marketing tools for your legal firm which will help you expand your client base:

  • Social Media: it is an essential tool for you for any other business. According to an ABA Legal Technology Survey Report, LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform for lawyers. Therefore, you can to reach out to a larger audience through different social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram. Therefore, posting relevant, informative content on these platforms can help you turn the audience into your clients. 
  • Websites: it is the face of any business, and an interactive website can help you attract a targeted audience and turn into potential clients. Your website should include all the relevant information such as services offered, contact details, informative content and customer support where people can answer their queries. To make your website attractive and interactive, you can take the help of content marketing to increase the traffic on your website. And SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can make your website easily visible to the people looking for specific services.
  • Informative Content: Posting relevant and informative content in blogs, articles, and videos is one of the best tools to gain the trust of potential clients. Therefore, you can look out for various content posting portals related to legal matters to attract readers to your website.
  • Paid Advertisement: paying for advertising your services can help you advertise your brand on different websites related to legal services and even on search engines where people look out for services your firm offers. Pay per Click is one of the most efficient marketing tools present, which can help you increase your visibility online. Other forms of paid online advertisements are social media advertising; for instance, Facebook advertising allows businesses to pay for their ads on the timeline of the relevant audience. All you need is to choose their age, location, profession, and interest, and your promotional content in the form of images and videos will appear on their timeline. Therefore, your advertisement will only reach a specific audience rather than the general audience.
  • News-Letters/ Emails: they can help you connect to the leads and convert them into potential clients. In addition, email marketing can help you keep connected with the old clients by sending them newsletters at regular intervals.
  • Legal Directories: listing your firm on legal directories and linking these directories to SEO can increase your visibility. You may find both free and paid legal directories where you can list your firm.
  • Google My Business: Most people search for services on Google My business in the present times; therefore, you should never miss the opportunity to be visible to people looking for similar services your firm offers. All you need is to create your profile, connect to the people, respond to their queries to boost your SEO and get more visibility in SERPs.
  • CRM (customer relationship management): as we know, client management has been a challenge for many legal firms; therefore, CRM could be an essential tool for the better management of the clients, work, and priorities to strengthen the relationship between the firm the clients.

So, just having skilled and experienced lawyers would not help you reach out to the targeted audience and convert them into potential clients; you need to market your firm on various platforms to make yourself visible to them and make efforts to build their trust. Therefore, the marketing as mentioned above tools can help you improve your presence on various online platforms where people look out for your services or relevant information related to your services. These tools are not limited to their usage for brand visibility but to overcome the competition and maintain a reputation in the market.

Therefore, hiring a professional digital marketing agency to realize the importance of legal marketing can help you with the best marketing strategies by applying various marketing tools applicable to your legal firm.

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