Truckers Strike Usa 2022 {Feb} Find Reason, People Words

This article describes a massive protest that truck drivers supported by other citizens against government restrictions. Read on Truckers Strike Usa 2022.

Are you aware of a large protest taking place in Canadian cities? If yes, read this article covering all the essential factors associated with the widespread protest, its reasons, its effect on people’s lives, and government action against the protestors.

People from the United States are looking at the protest made by the citizens of their neighbouring country against the government rules and restrictions associated with the COVID-19. Keep reading till the end to learn more on the Truckers Strike Usa 2022.

About Trucker’s Protest

The protest started in Ottawa on 29th January 2022, following the strict imposition of vaccination certificates for truck drivers to pass through the US borders. The official government order associated with this complete vaccination for truck drivers crossing the border was proclaimed by Justin Trudeau, current Canadian Prime Minister.

The protestants grew in numbers with time, showing extreme disappointment with the government announcement. The protest started as a movement named “Freedom Convoy”. The protestant gained massive popularity when citizens supported the protestant by joining them in the streets. Learn about the Truckers Strike In Usa.

Government Actions

  • The Ottawa mayor has officially declared a state emergency, followed by the protest conducted by the truck drivers and the local citizens.
  • Jim Watson, Ottawa mayor, declared the emergency to get adequate support from higher government levels and jurisdictions to control the city.
  • Peter Sloly, Ottawa police chief, announced that the police department needs 1800 more officers to gain total control over the protestants.
  • The police department is working without any day off to tackle the challenging situation in the city that has been happening for the last 12 days.

Truckers Strike Usa 2022

  • The protestors started assembling in the capital city with their trucks to show their protest.
  • The police department couldn’t control the protestors as the number was large enough for the entire police department in the city.
  • The protestors violated all the traffic rules and broke various government rules and regulations.
  • The protestors plan to continue with the violent protest until the government withdraws all the mandates and regulations associated with COVID-19.
  • Local people also came down the street with placards demanding freedom for the citizens.

Peoples Opinion On “Freedom Convey”

  • While discussing the Truckers Strike Usa 2022, #FreedomConvoy is one of the trending hashtags on Facebook, with over 1.2 million shares.
  • Various online activists gathered on various online platforms to support the protestors.
  • The protestors painted their trucks and other vehicles with various messages associated with freedom and shared them on various social media platforms. These posts received massive audience acceptance.


The Canadian government is widely criticized by prominent political personalities, including Donald Trump, for their strict rules and regulations associated with COVID-19. To know more about this topic, please visit.

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