Ratha Saptami 2022 Usa Date {Feb} Get Useful Info!

This news is a complete insight into the Hindu religion and enlightens people about the Ratha Saptami 2022 Usa Date anniversary.

Are you also looking for the time and activities acknowledged in 2022 for Sun lord’s appearance day? Do not worry. Read below for more information.

Many citizens from the United States residing as Indians are also looking for the time. There is a different time for running in the Asian countries to celebrate the birth anniversary of Lord Surya. An auspicious day; people consider it a positive and enlightening day.

Our experts will have also mentioned sorting specifications and significance of Lord Surya in different houses as per Ratha Saptami 2022 Usa Date.

About Ratha Saptami 

As per Indians and Asian rituals, Hindus celebrate this festival of Ratha Saptami wishes, also called the seventh day, where half bright and half all makes the Sun god appear. Celebrated on the 7th of January 2022, this day is called Shukla paksha in March as per the Hindi calendar.

These days are considered most auspicious and highly devoting. So, people try to anticipate and observe fast to get rid of SIM from their life and thank the Sun god for appearing in their life for bringing positivity and organic resources.

Read below for more details regarding Ratha Saptami 2022 Usa Date.

Significance and Celebration

A special celebration of Sun god this day is celebrated in my devotion located in the temples of Andhra Pradesh, Srikakulam town and Arasavalli. 

Significance of learning temples to beautiful creations people also thank Lord Krishna for maintaining such a Circle of Life.

  • Significance: This day has significance where the fast is observed to make the body clear of any type of sin and the mind to purify with devotion for the activities related to Lord Krishna.
  • Celebration: All the temples are decorated with flowers, and people celebrate by observing fast throughout the day. It is specifically celebrated on the 7th of February Monday in the Calendar Ratha Saptami 2022 Usa Date.

Celebration in the US

As many Indian devotees reside in the United States, people have turned their dates to celebrate on the 7th of February. 

People greet each other, recite slokas and read Bhagavad Gita to learn more about the sun God who offers his prayers to Lord Krishna, the supreme, for bringing happiness, wealth, good health and warmth.

Fighter people put a lot of flowers in the temple at their home and pray to God to bring warmth and prosperity to the family. 

With the new trend, many people from different religions have started donating to Indian temples, where the contribution goes in the form of more distribution for Vedic literature.

Ratha Saptami 2022 Usa Date

As an Indian festival, more than 30% of people celebrate it on the 7th of February as per the authentic calendar announced for 2022. 

But people in the other countries, being ahead of the time, are also requested to celebrate on the 7th of February for maintaining equal sacrifice of fasting all day and denoting the appearance of Lord Surya during Shukla paksh.


In conclusion, our experts state that as and significance of the Surya Puja done on this day, there are many Asian and Indian devotees believing in the lord Sun, worship him as per the rituals.

As an auspicious celebration, the Ratha Saptami 2022 Usa Date follows certain times.

Comment below your opinion on the time and date you celebrate as per your native culture.

Have you ever celebrated this beautiful Puja?

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