Oasis Network Rose Scam {Oct} Explore Full Details

Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere regarding Oasis Network Rose Scam. Also, check the reason why investors anticipate a scam.

Are you an investor in cryptocurrencies? Did you invest in Rose, which originated in the United States? Do you know when the Rose project started to know how old Rose is? What are the primary features of Rose due to which it is trusted? What features or operations of Rose are anticipated to hurt the cryptocurrency?

Let’s check why Oasis Network Rose Scam is anticipated and truth about Rose legitimacy.

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About the Rose scam:

Launched in November 2020 Rose has a supply of 10 billion. Of these, 23.5% is reserved for rewards and staking, 10% for the Oasis network, partners, and primary contributors, and 18.5% for the Rose community.

Initially, 1.5 billion Rose were released in the market, and currently, there are 5.03 billion in circulation. It leaves 4.97 billion Rose still uncirculated. The Rose was launched in the market with a value of 4¢. It took a long time to reach 22¢ in March 2021. Rose is not a scam. However, its way of operation questions Oasis Network Rose Scam.

The price of Rose remained volatile. In mid of January 2022, it reached 59¢. However, due to a major instance of crypto market crash during May 2022, Rose decreased 6¢. Today, the value of Rose stands at 0.06127 USD.

Investors are keen to monitor the release of 4.7 billion Rose time-to-time in the future. It was observed that the Rose value reduced when Oasis released reserved Rose. It is learned that Oasis will release additional Rose crypto soon, and eventually, all reserved Rose will be released sometime in feature.

Oasis Network Rose Scam:

It must be noted that Rose has associated market risks. A temporary decrease in value is anticipated to be between 45% to 50%. Hence, investors need to keep this in consideration.


Rose seems legitimate, but Oasis releases reserved Rose when its value has increased and stabilized for a few weeks. Rose released in the market in-turn decreases its price due to increased supply, leaving a small profit margin. This trend shows Oasis induces additional Rose in the market at a considerable value and stable pieces, beneficial for Rose network but in a way manipulates investor’s ROI

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