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Let’s discuss the current news, feedback, and ratings given by candidates called by Victor Marketing for an interview. Learn if is Vector Apply Legit?

Are you a young aspirant searching for a job in the United States? Are you looking to earn part-time without restrictions on working hours and weekdays? Are you hard-working, and do you have public speaking skills to pursuade people to buy a product? Are you confident in working on your targets to earn the highest commissions instead of getting paid hourly? 

Vector Marketing is offering such opportunities. So, let’s check is Vector Apply Legit?

What does Vector Apply?

Vector’s Marketing application process and its parent company Cutco are highly reputed and LEGITIMATE due to their long existence since 1981. Vector Apply REFERS to the application process for the interview at Vector. Many concerns were raised by youngsters who were called for an interview. 

Vector prefers youngsters who are above the age of 17 years. Generally, they are called for an interview by sending them SMS, email, and over the call.

Impression of Vector’s premises:

Candidates informed that Vector had their office in motels and residential apartments, which questioned What Is Vector Apply Legit? The reception area was located in a bedroom! The office environment was unprofessional, without any company information or signboards. The candidates had difficulty searching Vector’s office as they never expected it to be in non-commercial areas.

Casual interview process:

The candidates were informed that they were called for the interview without giving information about the job profile and just informed that they could earn huge amounts by working at their convenience. 

The candidates were required to fill out a form and then redirected for a group interview. The candidates found the concept of group interviews unprofessional as they had only heard about group discussions before.

Vector Apply Legit:

The candidates were sent to the boss, congratulating one and all for getting selected without even looking at their profiles. The candidates were required to give references to their friends looking for a job so that Vector could call them for an interview too. 

The candidates were supposed to attend three days’ interviews for which they would not be paid, which was again unprofessional for a well-established marketing agency.

Loophole of the job:

The Vector’s advertisement had buttery words and over appreciated to attract aspirants. Advertisements were displayed at college campuses and other eye-catching points, focusing on earning huge amounts with Vector Apply Legit

But, it was difficult to sell Cutco’s cutlery and knifes that were above $400 in one-on-one demonstration. The candidates ended up selling it to their families. In this way, Vector ACHIEVES some of its sales, but who are the customers?


There is much negative feedback about Vector’s job application process. There were seven lawsuits filed between 1990 and 2017 related to unfair labor practices. The Vector Application process seems LEGITIMATE, reviews are negative and the job profile is GENUINE. We also found successful candidates earning huge amounts. But, it looks fake due to low budgeted interview arrangements, an unprofessional office environment, casual attitude of the staff, etc.

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