Downers Grove Train Accident {Aug} How This Happened?

All the readers who wish to know the details for Downers Grove Train Accident, this article will serve you.  

Have you heard about the recent accident at Downers Grove? How many people are injured in this accident? How did it happen? Readers recently are looking for the details for the accident that led to the shutdown of BNSF Metra Line. 

If you scroll the internet for the reasons for BNSF Metra Line delay in Canada and the United States, you will find the links for an accident where a man was it by a train. Read this article about Downers Grove Train Accident till the end to find out relevant details for the same. 

Details about the Downers Grove Accident:

If you have scrolled the internet about this accident, you might have read that a man was hit by a train and found dead on the spot. This accident happened at around 5.50 PM in Downers Grove. The pedestrian was found crossing the track and meanwhile was hit by a train.

This accident in the middle of the Thursday evening disturbed all the trains schedule as all the entire BNSF line was shut down after the incident. 

Downers Grove Patch: Details about the Man: 

Now that we have basic details for the accident, when and how it happened, let’s also answer the questions for readers who wish to know about the details for the man hit by the train. He was found dead on spot and transferred to the hospital. 

Other than this, we are not able to find any other details for the deceased man. He is still recognised as a pedestrian and details about his personal identity, family or residence are not revealed by the police department. 

Downers Grove Train Accident: Why was the BNSF Line Shut down? 

The shutting down of the BNSF line due to this accident has led to chaos as all the train schedules need to be revised and delayed. As we have already mentioned, this accident happened at around 5.50 PM on Thursday evening. This was the peak time for the train; the line was shut down for the investigational purposes. 

The BNSF track was reopened at 7.00 PM so that trains could speed up with their schedule but still, extensive delays were reported. After the Downers Grove Patch accident, Rain Line No. 1267 with which the pedestrian was hit was also halted at the Fairview Station. 

Details about Police Investigation:

Readers are also looking for the details of the police investigation to know whether this had any other possible criminal or suicidal connect or not. And this was the only reason why the train line was shut down after the accident. They have yet not revealed anything about the same. 

Final Verdict:

Now that we have all the details for the accident, this happened on Thursday Evening at around 5.50 PM and due to the Downers Grove Train Accident, the entire BNSF line was shut down. 

Find out More Details for the Accident by CBS News to know more. If this article helped you with your queries, then please share your comments below. 

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