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Do you know about Vanessa West’s website? Have you read cases on this website? If you love reading horror or criminal stories, then you can visit this website. Several people from the United States are wants to know about this site. There are many questions and queries. So in this article, we will tell you about Vanessa West.tripod.

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About VanessaWest.tripod

Vanessa West is an online site that shares plenty of crime stories, pictures, cases etc. When you open this site you will see a picture with enter written on it. When you click the picture you will be redirected to a website where you can see different options stating victims, cases, crime scene photos, etc. 

When you click on one of the options you can see different types of crime stories and photographs. Some sections contain bibliographies. So there are many different things on the website to read. 


  • URL –
  • Domain Age – 28 Years, Created on 29th Sept 1994
  • Domain Expiration – 28th Sept 2023
  • Website Purpose – Sharing videos, images, and stories of criminal activities
  • Trust Score – 96%
  • Email ID – Not Found
  • Phone Number & Address – Not Found
  • Social Media Presence – Not Available

Vanessa West Tripod

As we have told you in the above section, Vanessa West is a site that imparts information about horrific crime events. The website has mentioned that some of its sections may contain disturbing photographs. The motive of this site is to educate and inform the public about incidents.

You can read about the victim’s stories and also see their pictures. The site is best for those people who are interested in reading real-life stories. Vanessa West Tripod can tell you a lot about real life stories.

Why is the Website Trending Now?

As mentioned, the website was created and registered 28 years ago, and it is still popular and trending. Users were seen searching for the website and looking for its authenticity. Many believe that the site shares images of crime scenes, facts and data that are hard to find on other portals. 

The website Vanessa West.tripod is trending because people search for facts about a criminal who murdered people brutally in his apartment and take Polaroid pictures as a keepsake. The website shares images and facts of different crimes, of which the criminal acts of Jeffery Dahmer are trending, especially after the new Netflix series Dahmer.

People are visiting the website to find relevant facts and data about the crimes and murders he had committed. It has increased the traffic influx, so the website is trending these days.

How Vanessa West Website and Jeffery Dahmer are Related?

As mentioned, is the website for sharing and publishing criminal stories, images and crime scenes of murders that serial killers commit. Since Dahmer was one of the renowned and famous serial killers in the 90s, it is natural to find facts and crime scenes of murders on the website. The website shares the images of dead bodies found in his apartment during police investigation and other facts about his crime.

The website shares the images and Polaroid pictures of all 17 victims, including the teenagers. The website also shares that the criminal was involved in cannibalism and necrophilia apart from killing.

How Jeff Got Popular?

After the website Vanessawest.tripod shared Jeff’s crime facts and images, he started gaining popularity. His popularity was further enhanced after Netflix recently released a crime series, Dahmer. 

Even after he died in 1994 by one of his inmates, he is still famous, and his criminal activities were filmed and telecasted via a Netflix series. The streamers loved watching the episodes. The first full week of the series was of 160M hours. 

The series reveals all the facts about the crimes committed by Jeff. It reveals that the criminal used to preserve the dead bodies of his victim as souvenirs.              

Who is Jeffery Dahmer?

Jeffery Dahmer was a renowned serial killer who got popular after discovering Crime Scene Photos Jeff on a website called Vanessa West. As per his Wiki page, he was also popular as Milwaukee Monster and Milwaukee Cannibal. 

He was arrested for committing multiple murders and dismemberment of 17 people, including boys and men. He murdered 17 people between 1978 and 1991. Most of his murders involved cannibalism, necrophilia and permanent preservation of human body parts, including skeletons and painted skulls. 

Even after he died in 1994, the serial killer is still popular for two reasons. First, all the images and crime scenes are available on Vanessa West’s website. Second, a crime series has been released on Netflix with inspiration from his story. 

Is Jeffery Dead or Alive?

According to Vanessa West.tripod, the serial killer was arrested and put behind bars in 1992. He was serving life imprisonment when one of his inmates murdered him in 1994. So, as per the recent news, Jeffery Dahmer is dead as he was killed by Christopher in 1994 while serving his life imprisonment in jail.

Is this site a scam?

  • The following factors can tell you if the site is a scam or real:
  • Site registration: 29 September 1994
  • Site expiry: 28 September 2023
  • Trust score: 96%

Many people visit the website to explore information and details about different criminal activities and stories. People argue that the website is a scam because it shares information about many crimes, which is impossible. They believe the information and images shared on the website are impossible to find. Most of the websites don’t have the quantity of details Vanessawest.tripod has. 

As we can see, the website was registered several years ago. The trust score of this site is also excellent. So, as per the above factors, the site does not seem like a scam. 

Note: All the information collected from web. We are not promoting anything, just providing information.


In this post, you will get significant details about Vanessa West.tripod online site. As the website age is too old and also excellent trust score. You can read various real-life stories with details and photographs. The site will redirect you to another site where you can see the pictures and read the stories. 

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