Mica Miller Pastor Wikipedia- Details of the Suicide Reports!

The article will detail Mica Miller Pastor Wikipedia, her biography, Obituary details, Age, and Parents.


  • Mica Miller lost her life by suicide on 27th April 2024, as reported by her husband, John Paul Miller.
  • The details are yet to be investigated. It has been said that she died due to a gunshot in Lumberton. People from the United States are curious to know the cause of death.
  • John Miller is a pastor at a church who reported the news of death and said that he received the call the previous night that reported his wife was dead.
  • The couple had filed for divorce six months before, and it is said that she was not mentally stable. 

Mica Miller Pastor Wikipedia

Let’s have a look at Mica Miller’s Wikipedia details:

Full Name Mica Acacia Miller
Date of birth March 7, 1994
Place of birth Kansas 
Age  30 years 
Cause of death Suicide 
Marital Status  Married 
Spouse  John Paul Miller 
Nationality  American 
Date of death April 27, 2024

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Mica Miller Pastor Wikipedia

Mica Miller Obituary

The obituary details of Miller have been uploaded on a website that mentions she passed away on Saturday, 27th April 2024. Mica was the daughter of Michael Francis and Angelita Ramirez. She has left her husband and stepchildren behind. 

The report reveals that Mica was a very faithful, loving, talented, creative, and adventurous person. She loved working for her passion and was a determined soul. The obituary mentions that the family will celebrate her life on 5th May 2024 at 3:00 p.m. at Solid Rock Church. 

A link to the donations has been uploaded, and people who wish to donate a considerable amount can visit the website and donate the amount that would help uplift children in Africa. The funeral procession will be held only after the investigation is completed, which will be done on the same day.


Mica Miller was a loving soul, and her death shocked the entire community. She died last Saturday and was the wife of pastor John Paul Miller, who took care of all the music departments of the churches across his area and has pastored since 2016. The funeral propheciation of his wife will be held at his new Church, Solid Rock. 

Mica Miller Pastor Biography

Mica was a great wife and a loving mother to her kids. She was passionate, determined, creative, and a risk-taker. Her husband Paul said that she was struggling with mental health, and she was receiving help for the same. What led to her suicide will always remain a mystery, as no one knew she would end her life. 

Mica had dreamed of helping the children from Africa and opening a school for them. Hence, the obituary details mention the donation link allowing African children to receive education and upliftment. Mica’s Parents are also grieving their daughter’s death. 


Mica Miller Pastor Age

Mica was only 30 years of age, and losing someone at such a young age was a complete shock for the entire family and the community. Her family has asked to hold a proper investigation, and they are incredibly eager to know more profound information about the suicide of the preacher’s wife. 

Mica’s friend said that she needs to get some accountability on the issue as the reason cannot be as simple as mental health problems. The body was found in the Lumber River. John said that the Death was self-induced as she was mentally unstable. 

People who wish to know more about the pastor’s wife and the further proceedings related to her suicide can visit the social media website to find more details.

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