Grants Pass Accident {May} Read Shocking News Here!

The post talks about the Grants Pass Accident and elaborates on the details of the victim and his dog.

Are you aware of the accident on the Grant pass in Oregon, the United States? The deceased is identified as Jesse Kozechen, a Brazilian driving the Volkswagen Beetle along with his pet dog, a golden retriever.

Furthermore, the victim had garnered many followers on Instagram for his content on road trips and succumbed to death on sight itself. This article provides a detailed insight into the Grants Pass Accident to calm any rife speculations. Continue to read.

What happened at the Grants Pass?

Grants Pass has been in the news for some time to be a vulnerable spot for accidents. As per sources, Jesse Kozechen, a 29 years old Brazilian, was road tripping with his golden retriever in his Volkswagen when he was killed in a crash on Monday, 23 May 2022, at the Grants Pass in Oregon, the United States.

The eventual reason for the accident was when his vehicle crashed the oncoming traffic on the Redwood Highway near Selma. In the coming sections, we will be elaborating on the Grants Pass Accident Brazilian who succumbed to death on the spot.

More details about the victim

  • Jesse Kozechen was a social media celebrity known for sharing his road-tripping videos.
  • According to his website and posts on Instagram, he had spent years going on road trips tagging along his gold retriever named Shurastey.
  • He often went on road trips in his Volkswagen, equipped on the roof with a camping tent.
  • Besides, Kozechen had also featured on a popular website for animals, and a YouTube channel called The Dodo.

Grants Pass Accident – What is the latest news?

On Monday, 23 May 2022, the accident occurred on Highway 199. As per the Oregon State Police, the victim’s vehicle has swerved into the traffic while avoiding the slowing traffic. Herein, it collided with a Ford Escape SUV. Furthermore, the highway was kept closed for two hours after the crash.

The Ford Escape, which crashed with the VW of the victim, included Eileen Huss, a 62-year-old lady with a 2-year-old passenger who was left uninjured. As per the latest updates on the Grants Pass Accident Brazilian social media celebrity Jesse Kozechen and his golden retriever were killed in an accident, while the Huss, the passenger in Ford, was rushed to hospital.

According to Kozechen’s Instagram, he has travelled over 50,000 miles with his dog since 2017. Herein, he had covered places from South America to Mexico, and his goal was journeying to Alaska.

Final Conclusion

Kozechen’s website details him previously working for over 8 to 10 hours a day at the Southern Brazil resort city mall. While he and his golden retriever did not survive the accident, the accident also included a pit bull in the opposite SUV in Grants Pass Accident surviving a minor injury.

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