Screenwriter Starlet Joke- Are They About A Vulgar Content? Why Is Starlight Chosen? Read!

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Have you heard about the Screenwriters’ Joke? When people Worldwide heard the Joke on Screenwriter and Starlet, some people got offended. People started sharing that joke over social media and started having discussions about whether the joke was appropriate to put in a movie or not. This article is for you if you want detailed information on Screenwriter Starlet Joke. We will provide you with all the information about the Screenwriter and Starlet Joke so keep up with us.


What was the Screenwriter and Starlet Joke about?

In the Netflix Horror movie Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, a character named Harrigan asks Craigs, Who wants to be a screenwriter, to find a joke using, the words- Screenwriter and starlet. The Joke that Harrigan thought was Joke About A Screenwriter And A Starlet, where he said to succeed in a screenwriting career, a dumb starlet slept with a screenwriter.

What was the purpose of the Joke?

Harrigan did not want Craigs to be a screenwriter, so he gave the two words. Harrigan wanted Craigs to find the Joke and understand why he did not approve for the screenwriter profession. 

What was the story behind the Joke About Screenwriter And Starlet?

The Joke revolved around the 20th century when screenwriters had an influence all over the industry of Hollywood. That was the period when screenwriters had more power than directors but had no control or authority in filmmaking. And apparently, the maximum number of screenwriters used to sell their work and make money without authority. And according to Harrigan, this profession has nothing to be aspired of.

Why did Harrigan choose Screenwriter Starlight Joke?

Harrigan’s thoughts were decades old, and his life had an influence and authority over others, so any profession without authority and power was undesirable. According to him, Screenwriter has no power over others. It was also a reason for his disapproval.

Was Harrigan fair about the Joke?

Harrigan wished Cargis to have a career where he possessed some power, but the Vulgar Joke Screenwriter Starlet Joke he chose was inappropriate as the industry has grown so much. There is so much to deliver for screenwriters.


The aim of the article is to provide information on the Screenwriter and Starlet Joke. If you want to know more about the Screenwriter And starlet Joke, read here.

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