Encanto Characters Age {Jan} Explore Each One In Years

This article discusses the Encanto Characters Age and their magical capabilities in the newest Disney musical comedy.

The Disney musical comedy ‘Encanto’ has taken the film world by storm since its release on 24th November last year. The phenomenon is appreciated Worldwide, and special appreciation is bestowed upon the characters of the Madrigal family.

The Encanto Characters Age is certainly a factor that has drawn the attention of viewers and critics. The extraordinary family of Madrigals and their magical inclinations has charmed the audience. Different reviews are received about the variegated characters, and they are discussed in this article. 

The Encanto Family Characters

The story is about an extraordinary family who lives somewhere between the mountains in Colombia. They have a magical house in their town named Encanto. The supreme power they have is to heal, and every child except one has this power. This one exception is Mirabel. Encanto Character Ages would play a role in this turning point of the story.

The story takes a turn when Mirabel realizes that magic is dangerous for the family. So she makes it the mission of her life to save her family from the consequences of magic. 

She had to often get into a jabber with Abuela Alma, the matriarch of the Madrigals. Alma wants the family members to use their magic for the good of society. She values her family’s gift and considers using it to honor the sacrifice of Madrigal’s grandfather and Alma’s partner Pedro. 

Encanto Characters Age and their Role in Family

There are other characters as well who have their peculiar inclinations. Isabela, Mirabel’s sister, is the perfect person in the family. Their second sister, Luisa, is hardworking and powerful. The youngest, Antonio, is shy but has a huge heart. Bruno, Mirabel’s uncle, can watch the future. Bruno makes predictions that look troublesome to Abuela. The fights and uncompromising relations with Abuela make him disappear.

Camilio has the power to take the role of anyone, and he, along with his father, Felix, adds humorous content to the drama. Abuela Alma is seventy-five years old to answer How Old Are The Characters in Encanto. Alma’s children, Julieta, Bruno, and Peppa, are 50 years old. Augustine and Felix are also 50 years of age. It occurs that Isabela is 22 years of age and Louisa is 19 years old. Mirabel and Camila are both fifteen years old. Dolors is 22 years of age, and the youngest in the family, Antonio, is five years old.


In this article, we have discussed the age of the character of ‘Encanto’ and their peculiar features. ‘Encanto’ has been appreciated, especially because of the charm its characters generate. The Encanto Characters Age adds to the generation gap and the problems that come with it in living an amicable life, especially with magic. The film is a musical comedy with a lot of drama and magic for the viewers. To know more, see The Age Of Every Encanto Character Explained.

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