Kelly Hobson Linkedin: Check Her Educational & Professional Details

What are the details about Kelly Hobson LinkedIn? Read complete information here in this article.

Kelly Hobson is trending on social media. Her LinkedIn profile is also currently highly searched on the internet. People from the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and the United States are searching for Kelly Hobson. 

Kelly Hobson Huddersfield

Kelly Hobson is a businesswoman and an entrepreneur. Kelly is based in the United Kingdom. She is the founder of a consultancy firm, Shape Tomorrow. Kelly has a vast experience in the field. 

The real reason behind Kelly Hobson being in trend has yet to be discovered. However, she has quite an impressive portfolio. Kelly has also established a great organization to support businesses.

Kelly provides sustainable consultancy. She has over five years of direct experience in the field. She has been working in the logistics industry for the past ten years. As we discussed with her, her work portfolio is impressive.

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Kelly is also a very well-educated person. She has secured her degrees and certificates from prestigious universities. She fills in a lot of roles professionally and publicly. Kelly also participates in public speaking.

Kelly is an eloquent guest speaker and a mentor. Over the period, she has spoken at many events. She also takes part in marathons. She raised money through the marathon for a noble purpose. 

More Professional Details About Kelly Hobson

Kelly started as a market analyst in August 1999. She used to work at the EVO Group as a Europe Market Analyst. Kelly held his position for almost two and a half years. 

Then, within the EVO group, she was promoted to Assistant Brand Manager in December 2001. In March 2004, she started working as the Channel Marketing Manager at EVO Group.

After that, Kelly joined Ligentia as the Marketing Manager in May 2005. She worked with Ligentia for three years and eleven months. Then, she joined Reliance Engineering Group Limited in December 2009 as Head of Marketing. 

More Professional Details About Kelly Hobson
More Professional Details About Kelly Hobson

Later, in 2011, Kelly was promoted to the Brand & Communication Director’s position. She held this position for four years. Then again, in 2016, she joined Ligentia as the head of group marketing. 

In 2019, she was then promoted to the position of Group Marketing & ESG Director. Kelly held this position for two years and two months.

Then, in January 2022, Kelly established her company, Shape Tomorrow. Since then, she has been running this company. Now, in February 2024, she has also become the Director of Sustainability and Marketing at RailX. However, it is a part-time position.

Educational Background of Kelly Hobson

Kelly had completed her BA (Hons) in Business with Marketing. She attended the University of Central Lancashire from 1996 to 1999.  

Kelly Hobson also secured a Business Sustainability Management certificate from the University of Cambridge in 2021. The certificate awarded to her by the University of Cambridge is present on her LinkedIn profile. 

The certificate has been issued on 31st January 2022. It has been issued to Kelly Maire Hobson. She has a career of around 25 years and is still giving her best. 

Kelly Hobson & Related Details  

Here, we discussed all the details related to the founder of Shape Tomorrow, Kelly Hobson. Kelly is from the United Kingdom and currently lives in Leeds. 

Her full name is Kelly Marie Hobson. She has established a consultancy firm for Sustainability management. Her work experience is vast, and her career is around 25 years.

Kelly has been associated with a lot of good causes. She also raises funds for these good causes through various actions, such as marathons. Kelly is an exceptional guest speaker as well.

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