Is Rogesera Legit {August 2022} Read Honest Reviews!

This post on Is Rogesera Legit will guide our readers about this site’s legitimacy.

Do you enjoy following fashion trends? People in Generation Z admire new trendy, comfortable T-shirts, but they can’t find them in any store. Rogesera is a site that offers you a T-shirt of your choice, recently, this website came into the market, and everyone is talking about this Worldwide

Today’s post will share important details about this website and give a brief description of this website. This post Is Rogesera Legit will guide our readers with all the bad and good points about this website. Kindly go through it.

Is this site Legit?

Rogesera is a shopping website. People who shop online are always concerned about the quality of the product, whether the site is legitimate or fraudulent, and whether or not they will be scammed. So, before placing any order from any website, conduct thorough research and double-check it to avoid falling victim to a fraudulent website.

Rogesera Reviews will give you answers to all your questions and will make you aware of this site’s legitimacy. So we request you to go through the following details about Rogesera’s trust factor and registrar.

  • Website Registration: May 17, 2022, is the Rogesera registration date. This site was registered 3 months ago.
  • Registrar: Rogesera website is registered through the domain name of NameCheap, Inc.
  • Social accounts: This website displayed their social media availability by providing a link, but when we clicked on it, it was all dead links, which is doubtful.
  • Buyer’s Review: As per Is Rogesera Legit, any website doesn’t show interest in reviewing this site, and the review from the customer is also missing from the place.
  • Trust Factor: This site’s trust factor is only one per cent, which means this shop is untrustworthy.
  • Customers Policies: Mentioned website’s policies in the relevant section, giving users a trustworthy look.
  • Misplaced Information: The website’s owner’s name is hidden, which causes confusion on the site.
  • Data security: Rogesera Website is secure with an Https link, but it doesn’t mean this site is safest to transfer your data.

Brief as per Is Rogesera Legit

Rogesera came up with different varieties of T-shirts, like they offer regular fit  trendy T-shirts. Rogesera’s website also offers a discount on every product, attracting audience’s attention. In this section, we will show you some examples of products that they sell. 

  • Mens Dogfather Shirt
  • Mens Gamer Dad
  • Mens walking Dad

Features of Rogesera Shop

  • Buy this Mens Doffather T-Shirt.
  • Email Address:
  • Company’s Address info: 3302 Jan Ct, Katy, TX 77493, United States
  • Phone number: +978-457-3582
  • Shipping Policy: The order is delivered within 5-7 days after purchase.
  • As per, Is Rogesera Legit, this website lacks relevant customer reviews, and it also lacks feedback from other reputable companies.
  • Return Policy: Customers who purchase a product from this website have thirty days to return it.
  • Payment mode: The various payment methods include Visa, stipe, debit cards, and Master cards.

Positive Highlights

  • This website offers discounts on every product.
  • This site provides an https link for users’ security.

Negative Highlights

  • The domain name of the website is very recent, completed three months only.
  • The owner name of the website is hidden

Rogesera Reviews

We did a lot of research, but we couldn’t find the feedback on the site and no other reputable companies have shown their interest to review this site. This site claims to show social media handles on its website, but after we click on the link, the site doesn’t respond, making it suspicious to us, and we don’t recommend anyone to buy from this site. Hence we have provided all the necessary details above. You can get information on credit card scams from this article.

The Alexa ranking of this site is poor, so beware before using this site.


Wrapping up this write-up on Is Rogesera Legit, we have informed our readers about the niche of this website and provided the essential details regarding this site. The trust index of the website is only one abysmal per cent. And one should not go for this website, and its domain is also very new. We do not suggest this website as for shopping, we found this site to be dubious. The buyers can check details regarding PayPal scamming.

Please check this link to know more about online shopping.

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