Lazada Project Real or Fake {Oct 2022} Read Details!

This post about Lazada Project Real or Fake will inform you about the Lazada Scam and a few insights about the Lazada group. 

Are you aware of the Lazada? If no? Then don’t worry, our hot topic for today is about the Lazada group that has been making headlines over the years in Asian countries like

IndiaVietnam, China etc. 

Southeast Asia’s top ecommerce platform, Lazada Group, was established in 2012. Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam are among the six nations where it has a base.

It was in the year 2016 that Lazada, which is supported by Alibaba’s technological infrastructure, was named the regional flagship of the Alibaba Group. 

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Lazada Project: What is it? 

The bulk of Lazada Project’s consumers are Filipino nationals, and the company began operations in 2012. To bring various countries from around the world to Southeast Asia and create a doorway for local businesses in the region to the global market/clientele.

But recently, several fraudulent employment advertisements have been sent from the website, asking for signup and payment of the required sum. 

The Lazada group has also released an official statement on this Scam, which is also regarded as a Lazada project and for which a lot of people are looking online for Lazada Project Review since they are enraged to learn whether this fraud is genuine or not. 

What is Lazada Project Scam

A recent news item has been making the rounds for a while, and many people have been spreading the word about it. It indicates that you must log into the portal after creating an account. The top candidates will get the opportunity to work part-time for significant e-commerce companies. Candidates must first deposit an unspecified amount to the fraudster to be considered for employment.

For more detailed information about this Scam, keep reading this article.

Lazada Project Real or Fake

Numerous websites are disseminating fake job listings, as was discussed above, and many people have gotten such offers for a variety of employment from various sources. 

The information, however, is false, and the online ecommerce firm hasn’t been engaging in widespread hiring. 

Even Lazada Group used social media to convey a warning for its consumers not to fall for phoney employment offers that reference Lazada or any of its affiliate projects and to try to refrain from making any purchases.

Many are also receiving text messages urging them to join up for jobs with daily salaries ranging from S$300 to S$500, and people have been searching Lazada Project Real or Fake. This claim, however, is entirely false, as we already informed you. The Lazada group also debunked it on their social media.


Ending this post, we have discussed the scam that has been making news for the past few months and has duped many individuals worldwide. Moreover, we also discussed the Lazada Group, what it is, and its business motive. 

If in case you are more interested knowing more about the Lazada group, you can indeed check out this link.  

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