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Do you know about the Ratcalm store? Have you ever gone through its website? Ratcalm is an interesting store that has attracted several buyers from the United States. Buyers usually don’t trust online stores nowadays easily. So we will review Is Scam or Legit every detail about this store and verify if it’s fake or authentic. This will help customers to stay away from scams and pick the authentic site.

Let’s start the article on Ratcalm reviews.


Is Ratcalm legit?

Numerous online stores promise good quality products to buyers but most of them turn out to be fake when it comes to delivery. Not all online stores are trustworthy and not all online stores are fake. So to determine if the Ratcalm store is original or fake you must know the following points: 

  • Registration of Domain: The Ratcalm store was launched on 9 May 2023.
  • Reviews: Reviews are not detected. 
  • Threat Profile: The score of the Threat profile of this website is 43/100.
  • Expiry of Domain: Ratcalm store will be expired on 9 May 2024.
  • Trust score: The Ratcalm store has received a trust score of 42.8 out of hundred. 
  • Data encryption: Ratcalm store follows an HTTPS connection to safeguard the data of the users. 
  • Missing Information: Owner information is not available on the website. 

An overview of Ratcalm store.

Ratcalm store is an online shopping platform that sells sweaters. The store has unique styles of sweaters for women. Some products are listed below: 

  • Pullover Knit Top
  • Turtle neck wool knit sweater 

Is Scam or Legit? We mentioned some crucial information about this store in the above sections. The further article will tell you if this store is legitimate or fake by discussing some more important points. 

Features of Ratcalm store 

  • Url:
  • Email address:
  • Phone number: Unavailable 
  • Store Address: England, Cadishead, 102a Liverpool Road 
  • Privacy Policy: The privacy policy is mentioned approximately on the website. 
  • Return/ Refund Policy: Customers can apply for a refund within 14 days. 
  • Shipment Policy: The shipment will take around 2 to 5 natural days.
  • Payment mode: VISA, Amex, Discover 

Positive Highlights

  • Email address available

Negative Highlights

  • Zero buyer’s reviews
  • Phone number unavailable Reviews

Ratcalm is a well-known store and people are looking for reviews of this store. The store delivers products online but we haven’t found any reviews from its buyers. The reviews are unavailable on the official website of this store. The response by the customers is also unavailable on online rating websites. The Ratcalm store does not have social media pages. 

Thus, the overall reviews from the customers are zero as the reviews aren’t available on the official website, online rating portals, or Social Media. You can read out this page to stay protected from credit card scams.

In a nutshell

Wrapping up this post here on Is Scam or Legit, the store has a very low life expectancy and the trust rate is below average. Due to the absence of a response the site seems fishy. So examining all the factors, the store looks suspicious. We are not suggesting this website to any buyer and they must wait for an official response from the customers. Must read out the steps here to stay protected from PayPal scams. Visit this link to learn more details on sweater.

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 Is Scam or Legit: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the Ratcalm store? 

Ans. The Ratcalm is an online store that sells varieties of sweaters for women. The store has a wide collection of sweaters in an affordable range. 

Q2. What is the trust rate of the Ratcalm store?

Ans. The trust rate of the Ratcalm store is 42.8 out of 100. This is a below-average trust score.

Q3. What is the percentage of spam in the Ratcalm store?

Ans. The percentage of spam in the Ratcalm store is 43 out of 100. 

Q4. Are reviews of the Ratcalm store available?

Ans. No, there are no buyer’s reviews of the Ratcalm store. As per Is Scam or Legit the reviews are missing on the official platform, online reviewing websites, and social media accounts.

Q5. Can customers trust the Ratcalm store?

Ans. Buyers should not trust this store this early as it is a newly registered store and does not have appropriate customer response.

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