Is Ear Allure Scam or Legit – Check Reviews!

To seek details on whether Is Ear Allure Scam or Legit, we have shared the facts on the legitimacy of the site and also given facts on Reviews of the website.

Have you been looking for a website that has been working to give you beautiful eyes? This store is the Ear Allure website which is famous in the United States. Moreover, people should search for: Is Ear Allure Scam or Legit as it is important to know about the legitimacy of the website. The readers may want to know about the features of the website but you should learn if the website is safe to use. Please read.

Is Ear Allure Scam or Legit

The readers should go through the facts shared here as these facts are important to know if the website is legit or not. Kindly study all the facts shared here. 

  • Registration Date: The Ear Allure website is registered around September 27, 2023. The website is two and a half months old.
  • Trust Index: The Ear Allure website was enrolled a few months ago and gained a 48.4 percent trust index.
  • Phishing Score: The phishing count of the Ear Allure website is 4 out of 100. 
  • Malware Score: The Malware score of the website is 29 percent. 
  • Ear Allure Reviews: No reviews are seen on the online sites. The ratings on the homepage of the website look fake.
  • Social Media Links: No relevant accounts are found on the social media platforms.
  • Data Safety: The HTTPS server has been used in this website to protect the data of the people. It ensures safety among the customers. 
  • Missed Information: The phone number is not available on the website. The owner’s information is also missing from the site.

Overview of the Ear Allure website! 

As per the facts on Is Ear Allure Scam or Legit, the Ear Allure website is an online domain that aims to focus on eyelash problems. People might be suffering from problems like thinning of eyelashes, high hairline, damaged eyelashes, thinning of eyebrows, etc. They provide you with products that help to boost hair growth where you need thicker hair growth like eyebrows, eyelashes, etc. You can also avail discounts nowadays if you order from this respective store.

Specifications of the Ear Allure website! 

  • URL:
  • Email Id:
  • Address Information: Activiti LLC, 900 E Union Ave, 80237 Denver, CO, 
  • Phone Number: It is unavailable.
  • Is Ear Allure Scam or Legit? The lack of reviews on the online review portals suggests that this website is not a reliable site. 
  • Return Policy: The domain allows you to return the goods if not found worthwhile within 30 days.
  • Shipment Policy: You should allow at least 10-15 days to deliver the goods within standard delivery. 
  • Payment Options: Pay through GPay and PayPal.

Positive Points

  • The email and the location details of the domain are available.

Negative Points

  • We could not find the reviews on the online site. Some star ratings seen on the official site seem fake.
  • We could not see any authentic accounts on social media.

Ear Allure Reviews 

We have explored the reliable facts about the Ear Allure website. We could not determine any reviews on the online review sites. We have seen some star ratings on the layout’s homepage. However, these ratings could not be trusted because the website got no ratings on the official site. The accounts on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram look missing. We could see an account similar to the name of Ear Allure but it is dealing in some other goods. So, social media profiles are also missing. The customers should make sure that they are connected to a safe website and that no PayPal Scammers are engaged with the domain

Final Summary

Summing up this research on Is Ear Allure Scam or Legit, we have understood that the website was registered two and a half months ago and got a poor trust index. This site is not reliable. Many websites try to ensure that no Credit Card Scammer is engaged with their domain and know some safety tips to avoid scams. Kindly explore more facts about Eyelashes here. 

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DISCLAIMER: These facts shared on this website about the Ear Allure website are reliable and taken from authentic websites.  

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