Is Scam Or Legit {July} Check Full Reviews

Is Scam or Legit? This post reveals all the reliable facts on the Briadn shop. You can know about its legitimacy factors here.

Do you need to buy products from the Briadn shop? If you are willing to shop from this site which is one of the most popular sites in the United States, then you need to do a deep exploration. Moreover, Is Scam or Legit? The customers must have thought to know if this shopping station is a legit place or not. But, they may get confused to choose the platform to know its legitimacy. Here, you can read all the facts on its honesty. 


The Legitimacy Of The Briadn Shop! 

  • Trust Index: We have found that the Briadn shop has around 58.7/100 trust index on the store. It is a mediocre rank.
  • Discovery Date: August 24, 2013, is the creation date of the Braidn shop. It has a good life duration of ten years.
  • Proximity To Suspicious Domain: It has a proximity rate of 24/100 to suspicious websites.
  • Detection By Blacklist Engines: This store has not been detected by any blacklist search engines. 
  • Buyer’s Reviews: No online Reviews are determined. Also, reviews are not seen on the official store.
  • Social Media Popularity: No accounts have been available on Facebook and Instagram. 
  • Facts Security: The HTTPS connection is seen on the URL. However, it is still better to be careful while sharing data. 
  • Missed Information: The location and telephone number of the company are missing.

Overview Of Briadn Shop! 

The Briadn shop offers various products at a cheaper price. They also provide you with free delivery keeping some terms and conditions in mind. They have:

  • Pet Supplies
  • Almirah
  • Chairs
  • Kitchen Products
  • Garden Tools
  • Tableware

Characteristics, as determined in Is Scam or Legit

  • URL:
  • Email Id:
  • Telephone Number: Unavailable 
  • Company’s Address: Unavailable
  • Customer opinions are missing from the products.
  • Return Scheme: The Briadn shop gives you 14 days to return the products.
  • Shipment Scheme: The standard shipping of the Briadn shop is 12-20 days.
  • Payment Modes: Apple Pay, Visa, Amex, MasterCard, PayPal, etc

Positive Points

  • They offer free shipping for $45.99+.
  • The email is found.

Negative Points

  • The accounts on social media platforms are not available. 
  • Online reviews and ratings on the official domain are absent on the Briadn shop. Reviews

The Briadn shop is a well-known shop because of the collection sold here. However, we can trust the shop only if it has been reviewed by the shoppers. The shoppers have not shown interest in the collection of the store. No reviews were seen on the online platform. Neither we have got any glimpse of reviews on their official store. The social media accounts are also missing. Thus, we cannot trust the Briadn shop completely until the reviews are calculated on it. We should wait for some reviews to be available in the store. So, Is Scam or Legit? You should learn some facts to save your bank accounts from the evil eyes of PayPal Scammers.

Final Verdict

Summing up this post here, we have given details on the shop. The site was created around ten years ago. The trust index is also mediocre. But, we cannot rely completely as other factors also play an important role. The factors determined to safeguard you from Credit Card Scammers have been shared here. You can also scroll through details on Tableware here. 

Would you mind sharing your ideas to do safe online shopping? Kindly write us in the comment box below.

Is Scam or Legit: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the shipment policy of

Ans. The standard shipping of the site is of around 12 to 20 days.

Q2. What are the collections available in the Briadn shop? 

Ans. The shop sells all types of goods like kitchen appliances, furniture like chairs, pet supplies, tableware, garden tools, etc.

Q3. Is the social media status of the Briadn shop good?

Ans. No, social media accounts are present on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. 

Q4. Are the reviews present on the Briadn shop? 

Ans. The feedback is not given on the Briadn shop. Also, no reviews are seen online.

Q5. Is Scam or Legit

Ans. The Briadn shop has a good lifespan of ten years and a mediocre trust index count was seen. The shop seems not reliable because of the absence of reviews.

Q6. What is the life duration of the Briadn site? 

Ans. It has ten years’ duration.

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