Is Onliai Scam or Legit {Feb 2023} Read Honest Reviews!

This article targets to obtain all the necessary evidence and deliver a genuine product proposal by knowing, Is Onliai Scam or Legit.

Is your valentine’s date planned? Are you a recent lover confused about giving your love a mesmerizing gift this Valentine’s Day? If yes, you will be looking for a webpage that will fulfil your need. Did you refer to the Onliai webpage? 

It is gaining attention among recent lovers like you in the United States. However, its genuineness is a little vague to understand. So, to get clarity on this site, you can look into, Is Onliai Scam or Legit?

Catch Onliai’s trustworthiness details:

  • The URL of the site was registered on 13th March 2022. The site is nearing to complete one year old.
  • The trust score is not clear on any site. 
  • The expiration date of the site is slated on 13th March 2024.
  • The site products are in dollars.
  • The products are segregated easily to access by the customer.
  • Tracking of order provision is missing.
  • The contact knowledge of these site owners is provided.
  • The product did not receive any rating from the customer.
  • The Onliai Reviews are missing from all the products on the site. 
  • Return of the items is applicable.
  • The site assures hundred percent security with HTTPS certification.

Details About Onliai

Onliai is a webpage that focuses on Boutique products. They claim to help their customers with low-cost and high-quality products. They adhere to the products with excellent workmanship and the finest texture. They have all categories on their site, including jewellery, toys, Christmas products and more. 

Recently, it has been focusing on Valentine’s Day gift collections like necklaces, purses etc. These products urge the attention of customers. But before you confirm its authenticity, read further.

Is Onliai Scam or Legit: Specifications!

  • URL of Webpage:
  • Authorized interactive Location: 201b.7, Cardinal point, Park Road, Hertfordshire, Rickmansworth, England- WD-3 1-RE.
  • Authorized telephonic digits: Unknown
  • Email details: 
  • The business hours of this site are from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 pm
  • Payments are accepted through PayPal, credit cards, American express, discover and more.
  • Shipping charges are applicable with orders over 29$. Products are shipped within one to four days.
  • The social media links of Bing and Facebook are linked to the site.
  • Return of product is feasible within 30 days of delivery.
  • The exchange of products is acceptable with proper items that are not damaged or defective.
  • Cancellation of the item should be reported within 24 hours of delivery.

Pros for Onliai Reviews

  • The categorization of the items in the product is precise.
  • The location of the site is mentioned.
  • The site acquires a certification like SSL.
  • The policies and terms are clear.


  • Missing customer feedback and the stars doubt the genuineness of the site.
  • The telephone number for contacting the site for the query is missing.
  • The webpage is named Anilai instead of Onliai in many places.Visit

Reaction from customer

Onliai Reviews was noticed to be missing from the site. Furthermore, reviewing platforms need to explain their details. Therefore, there is doubt whether clients have bought any items.

If you have ever fallen prey to the scam, then refer to PayPal scam-protecting tips.

The Final Note

Onliai is a portal that spreads its niche in multiple categories. However, it lacks crucial data that does not justify the site’s reality. Hence, we recommend investigating the site more and getting clarification before investing. Get to know valentine’s gift idea here.

What is your experience with the purchase? Use the comment box to share with us. In additionlearn the safeguarding tips against Credit Card scams.  

Is Onliai Scam or Legit: FAQs

Q1. Is the support available 24 hours?

No, it is not specified.

Q2. Does it deliver the product worldwide?

No, specific countries like Canada, Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom. 

Q3. Does it have similar shipping costs for every nation?

Shipping product costs are specified according to the shipping location.

Q4. How can one get product shipment for free?

It is free for products 29$ and above. 

Q5. What are the shipping charges?

Express shipping will cost 5.99$, and VIP shipping charges 7.99$ for below 29$ item and above, it charges 4.99$.

Q6. Is Onliai connected through the phone?


Q7. Who are the partners in Onliai delivery?

USPS, Purolator and DHL

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