Is Brokenangelshop Scam or Legit {Oct} Know Its Review!

Please read this article to address your query Is Brokenangelshop Scam or Legit regarding a virtual shopping website that provides varied products.

Do you wish to explore your musical flair by purchasing a ukulele? Are you looking for effective snowsuits for your kids to prepare for the next season? In either case, please read this composition to learn the essential details about a relevant store.

Today’s article states facts to address the credibility of a new online portal. Buyers from the United States are eager to learn more regarding this website. Therefore, please peruse till the end to answer Is Brokenangelshop Scam or Legit.

Is Brokenangelshop Trustful?

You will find the details in this segment helpful to confirm this site’s authenticity. It will be prudent to go through these particulars before visiting this shopping store. 

  • The Oldness of Website – This website’s age is nine days past seven months. The developers established it on 11 February 2022.
  • Trust Score of Site – 1%, which is a Very Bad Trust Score.
  • Rank in Alexa’s Records – 2480793, which is an unpleasant rank.
  • Connections to Social Media – The owners have not associated this platform with any portals of social media. 
  • Brokenangelshop Reviews Customer feedback is missing in the given section next to the Detail tab.
  • Contact Details’ Originality – The address belongs to a residence as per the web. The records correspond to twenty-five individual residents, but no information is linked with this store. Also, the contact number has proof of existence as a landline number but is not associated with this store.
  • No Categorization or Filtering of Items – The developers have not categorized the products, which are more than a hundred thousand. Moreover, the team has also not included any filtering method, making the browsing experience tedious. 

The above particulars make this website seem mistrustful. Nonetheless, establishing Is Brokenangelshop Scam or Legit is challenging for its novelty.

What is Brokenangelshop?

Brokenangelshop is an online marketing site that handles multiple item types. The home page features men’s T-shirts, but the product head includes a wide variety. These consist of snowsuits, mattresses, ukuleles, iron brackets, binoculars, etc.


  • Platform’s Type – An online shopping platform that sells items related to clothing, optics, bedding, décor, etc.
  • Address of Portal –
  • Telephone Number – (1) 567 218 0004
  • Location of Office – 72 Court House Pl, Jersey City, New Jersey-07306
  • E-mail –
  • Connections to Social Media – Not provided. This attribute is crucial for your inquiry Is Brokenangelshop Scam or Legit.
  • Information on Product Refunding and Returning – The period to return the products is thirty days from receiving them. The period for refund credit is ten working days.
  • Modes of Payment – PayPal
  • Terms of Service – Stated
  • Filtering Method – Not given.
  • Price of Goods – Provided in USD.
  • Protocol of Shipping – The shipment transit time is five to seven weekdays. Shipping has nil charges in the United States.
  • Sort By – Provided
  • Privacy Policy – Specified


  • The goods’ images are of appreciable quality.
  • All official points are present in the Terms of Service.

Cons Revealing Is Brokenangelshop Scam or Legit

  • Thousands of items are on this platform, but the designers have not categorized them. Furthermore, the scope to filter is absent. Also, the types of these products are very diverse, so the only options to surf them are going through the page numbers or searching in the bar. 
  • The subject store is recently set up, which is a critical disadvantage for any shopping platform.
  • The physical location of the store displayed on the Internet as a residence. The phone number also does not have any verification. 
  • The owners have not associated this site with social media, increasing its mistrust.

Brokenangelshop Reviews

One user of a notable reviewing portal had started a conversation thread regarding this store’s originality. The person had ordered a toy from this store and asked for others’ opinions if it was authentic. The Reddit reviews about Brokenangelshop predominantly suggest the members’ mistrust toward it. 

Most members have mentioned that the site can be dubious if the prices are too good. Furthermore, there are no buyers’ opinions in the provided review section. Hence, it will be prudent to learn How to Get a Refund on PayPal if scammed to be alert.

Conclusion Surrounding Is Brokenangelshop Scam or Legit 

The dubious facets and critical customer reviews about this store make it look wary. Yet, establishing its legitimacy is challenging for its novelty. Therefore, we request you know the Methods To Get Money Back on credit card for security.

What are your ideas on this website’s trustworthiness? Please write in the below segment.

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