Is Safe- Details, Ranking, and Legitimacy!

The post answers the question Is Safe and gives details about its ranking, trust index and the way to download the application. 


  • is an application that allows people to hold meetings online, just like Google Meet. 
  • A code is shared on the screen that the users need to share with the people they are attending a meeting with so they can continue their video meeting. 
  • People from the United States wish to know more about the website as it seems luring and compelling. 
  • The platform is mainly used by mental health professionals who conduct virtual counseling sessions. Due to confidentiality, the question regarding whether Is Safe has arisen. 
  • People looking to seek support for mental health matters can use the application and connect with professionals through this platform. 

Is Safe? is a safe website, as many people use it on a daily basis. However, the application is not much in use as of now, as there are many other applications that are easily feasible and free of cost. Those who use it need to download the application on their device and continue their session. 

It is always advisable to take safety measures before using platforms that are not in use. There may be a risk of phishing and malware attacks, and if you do not know the complete process, we suggest people get the full information and then only download the application. However, the risk factor is low but precautions must be taken for smooth functioning.

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Specifications of

  • The website was created on 15th May 2017, but the website expiration date needs to be mentioned. 
  • The website is known to have a valid HTTPS connection and is not detected by any blocked engines. 
  • The trust score rating of the platform is 75.4%, which is a decent score. 
  • The algorithm of the platform detects that it is a low-risk website and answers Is Safe.
  • The global ranking of the website is 951,300. 

Features of

Features of

  • allows people to connect virtually and discuss matters sitting in the comfort of their homes. 
  • The platform is mainly used by mental health professionals, but it is now widely acknowledged by several people for various purposes. 
  • Before using the website, it needs to be downloaded on the device, and then only people can keep using it. 
  • The total website’s worth is 49K dollars, and the per day revenue is $50, which clearly answers whether Is Safe. 
  • The website’s visitors are increasing daily, and according to a recent calculation, the number of visitors per day stands at around 3.7K.

 Myhelp Screen Download Process 

Users who wish to download the application on their website need to install it. The users can then navigate to the website and enter the pin visible on the screen. The code is then shared with the people with whom the session is created for them to download. 

After entering the pin, the users can see the option to start downloading, which they can click to download the application and use it. After the successful download, the users can find the requested permission, and if they wish to conduct a video call, they can grant the permission.  For more information about the application, readers can visit online websites.

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