Is Newbella Shoes Legit or Scam {Nov} Check Review!

You will get all the specifications and other important details that urge the site legitimacy. Read an article on Is Newbella Shoes Legit or Scam? Stay tuned.

Have you ever heard of the Newbella shoe collection? Do you believe the website to be reliable? In the United States, numerous websites are operating in the shopping area.

We have a thorough website assessment that will inform you of the site’s credibility checks. On the main gateway of this website, relevant privacy policies are mentioned. If you feel concerned in learning more about the site’s parameters. Please read the Is Newbella Shoes Legit or Scam article, as we recommend.

What specific details of the site talk about whether it is legitimate or not?

One must know the advantages and the disadvantages of shopping from a website. Here we have listed some important points related to the website that will clear your queries. Consumers should be aware that online shopping is advantageous but risky in terms of transactions. Let us see some of the details about this online shopping store:

  • The merchandise created the website in 2022 (26/01/2022). It is a new website and is quite unpopular.
  • The Newbella Shoes Reviews on this website are currently unavailable.
  • The position of this website in terms of trustworthiness is low. The rating we found for this platform comes out to be only 2 percent.
  • We have gathered some links to the social networking sites on the site.
  • The contact evidence provided on the site is partial. We have found the email address, but the contact number is missing.
  • The privacy policy-related terms are set on the site.
  • We have checked the payment methods and other order-related details, which were present on the webpage. Please read the article Is Newbella Shoes Legit or Scam to get more information.
  • The collection of the products present on the webpage is quite fancy and looks good.
  • The site’s design is good-looking, and the categorization is done to make it easily exposable.
  • Free shipping is not found.
  • The order tracking facility is present on the webpage.
  • The Alexa rank of the site is available.

About the website:

Newbella shoe is a store which is selling fancy stuff for females. There is a collection of sneakers, sandals, and various accessories. We have found all the policies on this website. Continue your reading on Is Newbella Shoes Legit or Scam if you are seeking more detailed information. The site offers to ship in various countries. Discounts are also present on the webpage.

What are the specifications of the site?

Here we have listed the quantitative aspects of the site for a better understanding of the site:

  • The official link of the site:
  • The owner created the Domain of this site on 26/01/2022
  • The domain is valid till 26/01/2023
  • Social media connections: Facebook and Instagram
  • Shipping days: 7 to 15 days
  • Return policy: 30 days is given. Users are requested to contact the provided email address.
  • Discounts: Offers of up to 10 percent are present. Check the advantages and disadvantages in the next section of Is Newbella Shoes Legit or Scam?
  • Alexa score: It is 454038.
  • Contact number: It is not present on the webpage.
  • Email address:
  • Official Communication address: m501, Number-1, Belle Industry Park, Longhua District, Dalang Street, China
  • Free shipping: It is not available.

Some of the advantages of buying from this website.

Check out some pros that a user can experience by purchasing from this website:

  • The website is secured with a valid certification.
  • Discounts are present on the site.
  • The collection provided on the site is good.

Some of the disadvantages of ordering from this site

These are the disadvantages of buying from this website.

  • The trustworthiness is low.
  • This website is not popular.
  • No contact numbers.
  • Testimonials are missing on the site.

Newbella Shoes Reviews by customers:

This website has not gathered any authentic reviews. The website is newly set up, so it is not popular. We have checked for the reviews on the other websites but did not discover any. Please check the information by clicking on the link which describes How to Acquire Money From Paypal if scammed.

The website is newly set up and is in its early stage. The collection that is present on the webpage is fancy and good.


The website appears to be suspicious. We have searched for all the valid and relevant information on the site. Is Newbella Shoes Legit or Scam? The factor that makes it dubious is the lack of testimonials about the sneakers present on the webpage. Click here How to Get a refund on a Credit Card Scam.

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