Is Invisi Smart Mask UK Scam (Jan) Read Reviews

Is Invisi Smart Mask UK Scam (Jan) Read Reviews -> In this review post, we analyse a site that sells protective face marks and spray shields. Read now!

Do you want long-lasting, invisible protection from coronavirus? The world is under a pandemic situation, so how will you get protection? It is important to get protected by wearing masks and using sanitisers. 

There are many online sites like that sell masks and sanitisers. But is invisi smart mask UK scam or not? Can you trust all these sites? If you don’t use quality masks, you will still be at risk. As we are seeing hundreds of mask selling sites daily, it is advisable to check the legitimacy.

In this review post, we analyze by carefully examining some factors. Factors like domain age, customer reviews, contact number, social media presence are critical in deciding the site legitimacy. has its headquarters and branch office in the United Kingdom, United States, respectively.

Let’s move onto the details of deciding if the invisi mask is a scam or not.

Is Invisi Smart Mask UK Scam or not?

The site says invisi smart technology has been proved to kill up to 99.99% of germs. The product is committed to delivering the best generation FFP3 mask solution too. But all we need to know is that is the site safe to buy such products.

The first factor we checked was the domain age. Any domain age which is above six months proves to be legit. has a domain age of eight months, which can be considered as a legit site. But this factor alone is not enough to conclude it as genuine.

We could find there is an excellent social media presence on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Being active on social media is a good signal that the site is transparent in its services. A location address is provided for both the offices, and there is a legit telephone number to contact customer care.

Moving on to other factors like payment methods, we couldn’t find any. The content on the website is unique, and the pictures are unique and self-explanatory. Thus, Invisi Smart Mask UK reviews say that the site is legit and trustworthy

What is the invisi smart mask?

Invisi smart mask is the ultimate protection mask that helps everyone from this pandemic. The product is sold by The site also sells long-lasting spray which directly uses any carcinogenic particles. The product is quite best as the coating is EPA approved. It also meets the safety guidance requirements from CDC.

The website says the product safely be used to protect any households, in healthcare and business dealings. They are offered to go on for the products that you can get easily. 

Is Invisi Smart Mask UK Scam or not? By reading the specifications and the advantages, you will surely get to know this. 


  • Type: E-commerce retailer
  • Location:
  • Head office address: Cumberland House, London NW 10 6RF, UK
  • Initiated in: May 2020
  • Products: Face masks and spray shield
  • Return Policy: you can return within 30 days of getting the product.
  • Standard shipping: worldwide shipping
  • Shipping days: 7 business days
  • Social media access: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube
  • Payment: Not provided
  • Office locations: United Kingdom, United States
  • Email address: Not provided
  • Telephone: +44 0 203 150 4547


  • Domain age is more than six months
  • Domain name is https encrypted
  • Contact address is provided
  • The telephone number is given
  • The site is not blacklisted
  • Social Media presence is good
  • Product images are attractive

Cons has many advantages that make you safe and protected with the products. 

  • Invisi Smart Mask UK reviews say that there are no payment methods provided
  • Other options are also available in the market

What customers say about Invisi

A proper and positive customer review is all that you need to know the site legitimacy. Customer reviews are the main strength of a website. is completely useful to the customers with their quality services. We couldn’t find any customer reviews on the site, but there are reviews on other portals. For your question, Is Invisi Smart Mask UK Scam, we have an answer, no it’s not. 

All the reviews say that the product is best in every case. It completely serves the purpose of providing the utmost care and protection during this Covid-19 pandemic. 

Take away

Before purchasing from an online retailer, it is always advisable to check their legitimacy. Genuine sites always satisfy their customers through services. We have carefully evaluated the legitimacy of the site that sells protective masks.

Yes, you can buy without any hesitation. Don’t confuse your mind with the question, invisi Smart Mask UK Scam. It is a genuine one!

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