Is Voniee com Legit (Jan 2022) Get Detailed Reviews!

The article is all about a newly born website that sells bicycles, and it reveals the genuine answers to all your queries regarding Is Voniee com Legit or not.

Do you know how beneficial bicycling is for you? It is a fun way to keep yourself active, and it also helps you contribute to the environment as it is the most affordable eco-friendly transport option.

Those who do not have the time to exercise can keep themselves healthy while traveling.

Now, different style of bicycle suits different people, and India has a huge diversity in its people. So, the answers of Is Voniee com Legit will tell us if it is capable of catering to everyone.

Scam or Genuine – What Is the Nature?

Whenever buying any rides, safety comes first and to understand whether the cycles of are safe or not, we must find out about the site’s reliability.

  • Website’s Owner: The identity of the owner is not found
  • Trust Index: 2% trust score
  • Age of the Website: The domain is 2 days old only
  • Domain Registration: 10-01-2022
  • Address Details: Address can be seen on the Google Maps
  • Contact Details: Both phone number and email address are given
  • Payment Modes: Various modes are available
  • Voniee com Reviews: No review is seen from any buyer
  • Website’s Rank: It has no rank on Alexa
  • Website’s Originality: Moderate amount of plagiarism is seen on the page
  • Policy Details: Lacks clarity
  • Social Media: No official social media page belongs to the site

Since the details portray a suspicious nature of this website, the quality of their cycles can’t be trusted completely.

Overview of the Site is an online store where you can get the latest models of bicycles. This website is headquartered in India. The weird fact about this site is that it declares itself as a clothing brand, but it showcases bicycles only, thus making us question Is Voniee com Legit?

This particular e-commerce portal started its journey only 2 days ago, and there are 39 products in total. The price range is affordable as well. Moreover, the site also provides guarantees and warranty.

Website’s Specific Details

  • Website Link: 
  • Office Address: 1-4-763, Musheerabad, Zamistanpur, Hyderabad, Telangana 500020 
  • Phone Number: +91 9948323319
  • Email Address: 
  • Operational Days: The operations are on for seven days of the week
  • Office Hours: 9:00 am to 7:00 pm
  • Shipping Methods: Two methods are available for domestic shipping, but international orders are shipped through the standard method only
  • Delivery Range: Worldwide delivery is provided
  • Voniee com Reviews: There are no reviews available on the internet
  • Delivery Charges: Variable as per the shipping method and shipping address
  • Free Shipping: Available for domestic orders that are shipped through the standard method
  • Guarantee Period: 30 days
  • Warranty Period: 2 years
  • Return Policy: Only domestic orders are eligible for returns.
  • Return Period: 7 days from the date of delivery 
  • Cancellation Policy: Order cancellation is allowed
  • Exchange Conditions: Not mentioned
  • Return Shipping Costs: No information is available
  • Refund Policy: Not clear whether 100% amount is refunded
  • Modes of Payment: Various options are available for making transactions
  • Social Media Accounts: Absent on social media

Is Voniee Legit for the offered Advantages?

  • Both Guarantee and Warranty are available on products.
  • Product descriptions are found in detail
  • Worldwide shipping is available
  • Variable modes of payment are available
  • A free shipping option is available

What About the Disadvantages?

  • Return Period is too short
  • The refund policy is not clear
  • No return or exchange for international orders
  • The website is in the market for 2 days only
  • No reviews are seen

Customers’ Reaction Regarding the Website

It is pretty obvious that there is no review about the site on behalf of any buyer to answer Is Voniee com Legit? After all, the site was launched only two days ago. So, it is easily assumable that it has not received enough time to acquire any reviews. But due to this lack of reviews from the buyers, the quality of the bicycles found here is uncertain.

Unfortunately, the website made no effort to communicate with its clients through social media. The website’s absence on social media leaves no scope for the buyers to express their thoughts. Hence, knowing the Methods To Get money Back On Credit Card can be helpful.

Final Words

We still need to wait for some time to get the answers to Is Voniee com Legit or not. It has some suspicious aspects about itself, so it is advisable that before visiting here, you learn How to Get a Refund on PayPal, If Scammed. You can also share your suggestions with us in the comments. 

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