Green Pullover Reviews {Aug} Is This A Legitimate Site?

This article on Green Pullover Reviews provides every detail about the webpage and its products to determine its legitimacy. Follow our blog to know further.    

Are you looking for some products for your pet? Do you want to shop for your pet products from an online store? Then this web portal is all you have been searching for. This website comes up with varieties of pet products. This website was created in the United States.

In today’s article on Green Pullover Reviews, we will cover all the information about the website and its product varieties to know its worthiness. For more details, Follow the blog below.

What is

This is a fantastic shopping portal. It features varieties of unique products for your pets. All its products look pretty impressive. The products for a pet include pet tricks picture books, exercise books for pets, Supplement for pets, Conditioner for aquariums, Pet foods, Organic shampoo, pet seat covers, cages for pets and a lot more. Their product quality is impressive, and they offer valuable service. But it is essential to know Is Green Pullover Legit or a scam before shopping for its products.

The Specifications of

  • The Webpage’s URL:  
  • The start of the website: The website was developed on 18/06/2022.  
  • The Expiration of domain: The domain will lapse on 18/06/2023.
  • Email service:
  • Address of the office: 617 E 79th St, Los Angeles, CA 90001, USA is the office’s location.
  • Time for shipping: The delivery time of the web portal is 10-15 days.
  • Shipping for free: No details on the free shipping service is available. 
  • Standard delivery details: According to Green Pullover Reviews, There is no information about standard delivery.
  • Website Contact number: 1 2013046746 is the number to contact the website.
  • Web founder Details: There is no information about the site’s founder.
  • Logos on Social Platforms: Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and whatsapp logos are available on its webpage.
  • Order Return: The web portal offers 90 days return service. 
  • Payment gateways: Visa, Master Card, PayPal, etc.

Benefits of

  • It provides numerous payment methods.
  • It has given its email address for customer service.

Limitations of

  • It has not given the name of its web founder.

Is Green Pullover Legit or scam?

Though the web portal has beautiful products for pets and other kitchen appliances, reviewing its credibility is essential since it deals in online platforms. The points listed below will determine its legitimacy:

  • The start date of a webpage: The website was developed on 18/06/2022.
  • The Rank of Trust: The Trust rank of the web portal is horrible, only 1%.
  • Duplicate content percentage: The web portal has 14% of content copied from other websites. 
  • Information on Discount: No discount details are available on its web portal.
  • Email address legitimacy: The website has shared a valid email account. 
  • Account on Social sites: By following Green Pullover Reviews, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and whatsapp, logos are available on its webpage.
  •  Web portal location: 617 E 79th St, Los Angeles, CA 90001, USA is the office’s location.
  • Exchange of products: It allows 90 days exchange service. 
  • Return order: It provides free return shipping on its products. 
  • Rank on Alexa: The webpage has an Alexa rank of #1561994.
  • Non-refundable goods: Masks, labor and assembly cost, In-store refund cards, etc. 
  • Time is taken for Refund: It allows 15 business days to refund the amount.
  • Terms and conditions: The web portal has different terms and conditions pages.

Green Pullover Reviews:

There are no reviews from customers on the product on its website. The global rank on Alexa of this web portal is #1561994. The web portal has many logos from social sites, but no reviews are present on social platforms and online web portals. Buyers must follow- Get Your Money Back From Paypal if Scammed

Summing up:

This website has less experience in selling products online. There are no buyers available for its products. The web portal has a bad trust score. The web portal has many social site logos, but no reviews are available on social sites and online web pages, according to Green Pullover Reviews. This web portal seemss susceptible, and customers should remain careful from such shopping websites. Whereas buyers need to also follow- How to Get a Full Refund on Credit Card Scam

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