Is Vipmascot Scam or Legit {Sep} Check Genuine Review!

This article is entirely focused on checking the legitimacy of a site. So read on Is Vipmascot Scam or Legit and stay connected with us.

Are you thinking of buying mascot customers from Do you have any prior experience shopping from this online platform? is a store which has its origin in the United States. This site is moderately popular. Not only this, there are many more things that the customer must consider before buying from a particular website. Here we have listed some essential simple facts via this detailed article on Is Vipmascot Scam or Legit.

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Is this website legit?

Looking at the collection on the website is not the correct way of checking the legitimacy of a particular website. There are many other factors which play a deciding role for the website to be legit. This section will inform you about the availability of the terms and conditions, privacy policies etc. In addition, ranking a website on well-renowned platforms like Alexa is also very important. 

Let us begin with some crucial points, including reviews:

  • The website is functional for 2 years.
  • Vipmascot Reviews of this website are available.
  • This site has scored a moderate trust rating of 76 per cent.
  • Links to social media sites are not present on the portal.
  • The collection is quite interesting.
  • The website is designed in an explorable manner. The categorization of the products makes this website user-friendly.
  • The calling number is given.
  • An email address is given to make contact for queries.
  • The office address is found.
  • The only flaw we found on this site is the absence of order tracking.
  • Alexa platform has positioned this website to a rank. You can check out the rank in the specification of the article Is Vipmascot Scam or Legit? The users can easily see payment methods at the website’s bottom.
  • Privacy policies are present on the site.

About the website: is a website which is mainly based on the selling of different theme-based costumes. You can find various costumes like bunnies, Animal mascot, fur suits, Halloween suits, ocean series, school, Zenati suits and many more. This site has made all the policies clear to the customers.

Customers can enjoy free shipping worldwide. On the first purchase of 300, this site provides an additional 5 per cent discount. Check out all the explained information in the next section of Is Vipmascot Scam or Legit?


  • The address of the webpage is
  • The owner acquired the website on 08/08/2019, and it will be active until 08/08/2023.
  • is the inbox address listed on the website.
  • Approximately 15 business days is the site’s delivery policy.
  • Within 7 days, returns and refunds are permitted by contacting via email.
  • No purchase tracking is offered by the site.
  • The Alexa rank is 2268979.
  • There are two contact numbers listed on the website, which are 0013037476861 and +8615861149489
  • This website is not linked with any social networking site.
  • Discounts and deals are available.
  • Orders over $300 qualify for free shipping. We advise you to read the full Is Vipmascot Scam or Legit post.
  • By notifying the authorities, you can cancel your order.
  • There are some reviews available from multiple sites. According to the reviews that we gathered; this site is quite dubious.
  • Users can access credit cards, debit cards, and other payment methods.

The information that is listed above is valid and verified through the data available on the official website. Do check out the legit section for the transparency of details.


  • It is a secure site and has been working for 2 years.
  • The collection of the website is interesting.
  • Discounts are offered to the customers.
  • Free shipping is available.


  • Mixed feedbacks
  • No order tracking.

Vipmascot Reviews:

We are looking at the reviews that we got from multiple websites. This website has received mixed feedback. Some customers are satisfied, while others say that the website scammed them. Therefore, it is complicated for us to make a final verdict. We suggest you read carefully before purchasing from this website and check How to Get Money From Paypal If Scammed.


The website looks like a suspicious shopping portal. The site sells costumes with discounts on every listing. We suggest you check the details on How to Get a Full Refund on a Credit Card Scam.

Do you think it Is Vipmascot Scam or Legit? Comment down your views.

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