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Our research on Ashley Furniture New Braunfels Reviews will help you understand this shopping website’s legitimacy.

Are you looking for any online site selling furniture? If you want to buy furniture, you can check the collection of Ashley Furniture shops in the United States. This shopping complex is available offline and online. Ashley Furniture New Braunfels Reviews will help you to study the legality of Ashley Furniture shop in a better way. 

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Overview of this website

Ashley Furniture is available offline and online. They have been serving for a long time. Their retail stores are available in many parts. Now, you can visit their website and find the nearest Ashley store by entering your location. Kindly check their products below.

  • Mattress
  • Outdoor
  • Baby and Toddler bedding
  • Lighting
  • Sofa
  • Loveseat
  • Kitchen and Dining Room Furniture
  • Accent Furniture.

Is Ashley Furniture New Braunfels Legit? Legitimacy speaks to the reality of the online shopping site. Customers are always keen to know if they are shopping from the safe portal. To know the truth, you must read the permissibility factors of the website. It will give a complete idea of the safety of the website. If you are willing to know if Ashley Furniture is legit or not, you must check the details shared below.

Features of Ashley Furniture

  • Buy the sofa from
  • Email Id:
  • Phone number: 866-436-3393
  • Address Details: Ashcomm LLC, One Ashley Way, Attn: Legal Department, Arcadia, WI 54612
  • We have seen many positive Ashley Furniture New Braunfels Reviews on the online website. The official website also shares positive reviews.
  • Return Policy: Standard Shipped items can be returned within 30 days. If the items are damaged while shopping, contact them within 72 hours.
  • Shipping Policy: Standard shipping may take one or two days to deliver the order to your doorstep.
  • Payment Options: You can pay in 4 installments with Caddipay.

Positive Points

  • A limited warranty is offered.
  • Mixed reviews are found on online sites. The official website also has customer reviews.
  • The Facebook page highlights the positive side of this website, as good reviews are found.

Negative Points 

  • The owner’s details are missing.

Is Ashley Furniture New Braunfels Legit?

Ashley Furniture’s website looks like a famous website. But, publicity and popularity do not indicate that it is a legit website. We can check its legitimacy only after studying the factor determining its legitimacy. Kindly read the details in this section.

  • Registrar: CSC Corporate Domains, Inc. is the registrar of this website.
  • Registration Date: June 22, 1996, is the registration date of Ashley Furniture New Braunfels. It was founded 26 years ago. It has a good lifespan.
  • Trust Score: The shopping website has a ninety-four percent trust score. The shop can be trusted, and the trust factor makes it an authentic website. 
  • Customer Responses: We have found several Ashley Furniture New Braunfels Reviews on the online review portal. The official website also shares positive reviews.
  • Misplaced Information: The website has not mentioned the owner’s name on any platform. 
  • Data Safety: All the information shared via online sources is secured via HTTPS protocol. 
  • Policy: The policies are not up to mark. They have not provided policies directly. Return Policy is missing from its respective section, but it was found under the product.
  • Expiry Date: The website will expire on June 21, 2023.
  • Social Media: Accounts on social media sites like Facebook were found. They have shared positive responses to their services.

Ashley Furniture New Braunfels Reviews

The online sites shared a 2-star rating out of 5 based on 69 reviews and mixed comments were found on the site. At the same time, some online sites gave 2.3/5 ratings. Some customers recommend this shop, while some have a negative impact. The shopping site is on the Facebook platform with good reviews and ratings. It has 4.2/5 ratings. The users also shared their reviews of their retail stores. So, all these factors suggest that the website seems genuine and authentic. Also, check some methods to avoid contact with Credit Card Scammers.

Final Summary

Wrapping up this post on Ashley Furniture New Braunfels Reviews, we have learned that this website was launched around 26 years ago, and the trust factor is favorable. The website has a reasonable life expectancy and trust score. The Ashley Furniture New Braunfels website seems to be legit. However, you may check other factors. Also, we recommend you know some tips to get money back from PayPal Scamming.

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