Darian Ray Jarrott Footage: What Happened To Darian Jarrott? Find Killer Details Here!

In the below article, you will find complete details about Darian Ray Jarrott Footage and the recent disputes his family is raising against the police department.

Were you looking for New updates on the New Mexico State Police officer death? Why are there two different videos trending on social media of police officer Darian Jarrott? The video of a fatal shooting of an officer in New Mexico by Omar Cueva is trending on social media. Dashcam video of the shootout, as recorded in the police vehicle, is part of the evidence.

People in the United States are confused by the two videos of a similar dash cam and a car. Check out the complete reality of Darian Ray Jarrott Footage

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About the Footage

The viral video trending on social media contains footage of a police officer approaching a Chevrolet truck. Officer Darian investigated the guy in the truck named Omar about the tinted glasses and the truck registration. Darian had a body cam and dash cam in the police vehicle. 

In the video, it is visible that Omar gets out of the car with his AR-15 gun and fires multiple shots at the officer. Besides that, another video is circulating on social media in which a police car chases a Chevrolet truck. When the officer got out of the police vehicle, the Chevrolet driver shot at the officer, and in return, the officer also shot the truck driver. 

What Happened To Darian Jarrott?

After 1 year of Darian Jarrott’s death, his family demands justice for his death and claims it was an ambush. The Family of Darian also allege the NMSP is responsible for the death of their beloved father, husband, and son, Darian Jarrott. 

Darian died soon after the killing, and police investigated the crime scene and reported it as an accident. Police captured Omar a few miles away, and Officer Adrian De La Graza shot him dead. However, the investigation report is clear as an open shootout, but the family of Darian is not satisfied with the justice. 

Darain Jarrott Killer 

The 39-Year-old Omar Cueva was a drug dealer visiting Las Cruces for his deal. During the shootout, he wore bulletproof Armor to protect himself. As per the police report, it was just a regular traffic stop and investigation for the rules violation. There was no information about the drug dealing, and the person was transporting sedatives to another City. 

In September 2010, Omar was charged with distributing crystal meth in California. In that situation, he drives to outrun police officers and finally crashes into a fence. Eventually, he was arrested and reported to carry 15 pounds of crystal meth and an assault rifle in his duffle bag. 

Darian Ray Jarrott Footage: Wiki Information

Full name Darian Ray Jarrott 
Age  28 year old
Date of birth Information unavailable
Family  Father wife and three children
Service duration 5 year six month
Date of Death 4 February 2021
Police department New Mexico State Police 

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Final Verdict

The family of Darain Jarrott is not satisfied with the justice of his death. His family is demanding action and investigation from the NMSP police department. Additionally, the video footage of the Police vehicle dash cam was circulating on social media so that people could watch out for what happened that day. 

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Darian Ray Jarrott Footage: FAQs

Q1 How many officers were injured in the Darian Jarrott shootout?

There is no information about critical injuries during the shootout, but Darian was dead.

Q2 Where did the incident take place? 

The incident took place between Las Cruces and Deming.

Q3 For how many years did Omar Cueva was arrested in 2010? 

The court charged Omar with 10 years in the hearing in 2011.

Q4 Is there any prior information in the PD about sedative trafficking? 

As per the police report, there was no prior information, and it was a regular inspection. 

Q5 Which car was Omar driving during the 2010 arrest?

During the 2010 arrest, Omar was with his two friends driving a Nissan Maxima.

Q6 How does Darain Jarrott Killer fire shots? 

Omar shot more than one round at Darian and multiple shots at a police officer during the chase. 

Q7 When did Jarrott start his service as a police officer?

Darain Jarrott served as an officer in 2015.

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