Lil Kim Biggie Funeral: Who Killed Biggie? Where Did The Biggie Smalls Gunshot Happen? Explore Full Incident Details

This article provides more details about Lil Kim Biggie Funeral and his death investigation.

Who is Lil Kim Biggie? In which field is Biggie famous? Biggie was a legendary rapper in the United States, United Kingdom, and other countriesHe died in Los Angeles, California, while leaving the party. When has he died? What is the motivation behind Biggie’s murder? Continue reading the Lil Kim Biggie Funeral article to know more about the rapper Biggies final hour and the reason for his death.


What happened to Lil Kim Biggie?

The fatal shooting of Lil Kim Biggie happened on 9th March 1997 at around 12:45 am. Biggie went to the party on the day of the incident. He died after coming out from a music industry party at midnight. Biggie attended the party at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. He enjoyed the party with his associates, including Sean Puffy Combs, bodyguards, and friends. The music industry laid Biggie to rest at an intricate funeral at Manhattan’s Frank E. Campbell Funeral Chapel.

Where did the Biggie Smalls gunshot happen?

On the day of the incident, Biggie attended a music association party with his friends, body gourds, and entourage. While coming out from the party, Biggie’s motor vehicle was stopped at Wilshire Boulevard’s red light signal. By that time, Chevrolet Impala pulled up along with it. The Chevrolet Impala driver was wearing a bow tie and suit. He rolled down his vehicle window and fired the gun several times into the S.U.V. Biggie didn’t expect the gunshot and was stuck three to four times. 

How did Lil Kim Biggie, the Notorious B.I.G., Die?

Lil Kim Biggie died after he came out from the party after a fatal gunshot. In the gunshot, one bullet penetrated his heart, and the other two bullets hit his liver and left lung. And the fourth bullet grazed his arm and thigh. The other people who travelled in the S.U.V. were unharmed. The S.U.V. driver, Sean Puffy Combs, and other travellers weren’t hurt in this gunshot attack. 

The driver immediately drove Biggie to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, located nearby the area of the attack, where he was noticeably dead an hour later. 

Who Killed Biggie?

The F.B.I. and Los Angeles Police Department started investigating the Biggie Murder case. But no one has been legitimately charged or sentenced for the murder. Several conspiracy theories have emerged over many years. The investigation involved gang members, rival rap artists, and corrupt police officers. Many years passed, but the rapper Lil Kim Biggie’s murder case remains unsolved.

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Who are all suspected so far?

The investigation Relationship into the murder of the B.I.G. or Biggie has produced some suspects based on theories. But no one was officially convicted or charged for the crime. As per online sources, some of the suspects in Biggie’s murder case are, 

  • Suge Knight – is the co-founder of Death Row Records.
  • Amir Muhammad or Harry Billups – a convicted bank robber and a former Nation of Islam member
  • LAPD officers – police corruption and involvement in the murder.
  • Gang members – Rival gangs of the Bloods and Crips.
  • East Coast-West Coast rivalry – The dispute between East Coast and West Coast rappers.
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What is Biggie famous for?

The B.I.G., also known as Biggie. He was a famous American songwriter and rapper. He is measured as one of the most powerful and much-admired rappers in hip-hop music history. He was born Christopher Wallace on 21st May 1972 in Brooklyn, New York City. He began his hip-hop music career in the early 1990s.

Biggie is most famous for his unique style of rap music and lyrical song content. His music is often distributed with poverty, street life, and crime themes.

Lil Kim Biggie Funeral

Biggie’s death day was a dark day for the entire music world. The music industry laid Biggie to rest at an intricate funeral at Manhattan’s Frank E. Campbell Funeral Chapel. More than 350 mourners attended Biggie’s funeral, including friends and family.

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Despite Biggie’s relatively short career, he is regarded as one of the greatest musical rappers ever. Watch the Biggie’s Funeral video at this link.

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Lil Kim Biggie Funeral: F.A.Q.

Q1. What was Biggie’s real name?

Christopher Wallace.

Q2. How old was Biggie when he died?

24 years

Q3. Which is Biggie’s first album?

Ready to Die

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