Geraldine Fernandez Ruiz LinkedIn: Check Information On El Niño Y la Garza, Portafolio

The post highlights details on Geraldine Fernandez Ruiz LinkedIn and discusses claims shared on Geraldine Fernandez Instagram.

Are you here to check on updates regarding Geraldine Fernandez? The internet is a broader space for users to upload and post anything of their choice, making it vulnerable to manipulation and fake news. Moreover, it often gets used as a platform to earn instant fame. Thus, it becomes imperative to conduct proper research to ensure nothing false is shared with the audience. Geraldine Fernandez Ruiz LinkedIn is currently trending Worldwide, whose false claim tricked people into believing she collaborated with a prominent director.

This article covers all information related to the controversy and what exactly conspired. So keep a watch till the end.

Facts About Geraldine Fernandez Ruiz LinkedIn

Facts About Geraldine Fernandez Ruiz LinkedIn

For the unversed, Geraldine Fernandez is a famous influencer. She has garnered a considerable follower base on social media platforms like Instagram, Linked In, Pinterest, Twitter, and more. Additionally, she is famous by her pen name Akari and holds multiple Facebook accounts with the user ID @GeraAkari.

According to investigation, recently Geraldine Fernandez Instagram account was taken down. Moreover, her LinkedIn and Twitter accounts were also removed. She was accused of plagiarism and using false claims to gain viewers’ attention. To know the controversy in detail, we conducted detailed research.

More details are highlighted in the upcoming paragraphs.

Controversy Related to Geraldine Fernandez El Niño Y la Garza

Controversy Related to Geraldine Fernandez El Niño Y la Garza

Geraldine is a 30-year-old graphic designer who hails from Barranquilla in Columbia. As per research, she is employed with Tecnoglass. However, she is currently in the limelight Worldwide for a specific controversy related to false claims laid by her.

According to sources, the graphic designer tricked netizens and media into believing her close collaboration with the renowned Hayao Miyakazi for the film ‘The Boy and the Heron’.

Geraldine Fernandez Portafolio was also removed from her LinkedIn account based on the claims. The film is slated to premiere on 25th January 2024 in Colombia. Herein, Geraldine claimed to have contributed to 25,000 frames and was part of the production.

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What is the Reality of the Claims?

As per sources, Geraldine had also given a series of interviews. In those, she was seen ascertaining her role in the film productions. Besides, As per Geraldine Fernandez Portafolio, she boasted of delivering over 25,000 frames in 20 months for the film.

However, her name is not present or seen anywhere in the film credits, triggering skepticism among the media.

What were the Allegations?

As per sources, in addition to the false claims, Geraldine was accused of adding plagiarised images and artwork to her portfolio. On investigation, the artwork was identified to be sourced directly from Deviantart and other ad campaigns like Colombian ads.

However, although her claims of Geraldine Fernandez El Niño Y la Garza and her false portfolio surfaced online, she defended the authenticity during interviews.

The Actual Truth

After continuous interrogation, Geraldine on 16th January 2024 about exaggerating her overall role in the film production. However, she still insisted on contributing 200 to 300 frames contribution.

In addition, El Tiempo and El Heraldo also apologized for promoting her claims, which were misleading.

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Final Conclusion

Hayao Miyazaki was born on 15 January 1941 and is a popular Japanese anime creator. Based on Geraldine Fernandez Ruiz LinkedIn, El Tiempo, and El Heraldo also apologized for reporting misleading claims. In addition, they went on to ensure committing to accuracy, thereby avoiding false narratives and misleading the audience.To learn more about Geraldine Fernandez, click.

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